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/ Series / Dating the Strongest Caster [BL]
Dating the Strongest Caster [BL]
Dating the Strongest Caster [BL]
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Nathaniel Gray is wanted by everyone. He is handsome, tall, smart, and the strongest caster in the country. Aiden Dalfrey is quite the opposite, being the only 2nd year who has never had a pair he is unwanted and considered a failure. So how exactly did the weakest Striker end up being Nathan's Pair?

Warnings: R-18 lots of smut, mentions of sexual harassment, large age gap, student-teacher relationship.

ActionAdultBoys LoveFantasySmut
Absent Parents Academy Bisexual Protagonist Bullying Character Growth Couple Growth Demon Lord Doting Love Interests Fated Lovers Flashbacks Handsome Male Lead Older Love Interests Orphans Sex Friends Sexual Abuse Student-Teacher Relationship
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