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/ Series / 野薔薇 Wild Rose (BL)
野薔薇 Wild Rose (BL)
野薔薇 Wild Rose (BL)
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Rowan's only redeeming feature is that he bears a striking resemblance to his maternal cousin, the much beloved Princess Rohanna. His disappointed parents send him away to palace in hopes of allowing him to finally become useful at Rohanna's side. His kind and gentle cousin knows nothing of the darkness in people's hearts, but he is well acquainted with it. However, his carefully constructed peace is shattered at the arrival of a man in the palace who stirs his heart like no others have done before.

Disclaimer: This novel contains mature content such as sex and strong language. Please read at your own discretion.

Additionally, this story will not have regular updates as I'll be writing chapters whenever I feel like taking a break from my main novel.

**Image belongs to the manga 我儘なジュエル Wagamama Na Jewel by SAWAUCHI Sachiyo.

Also, if you haven't noticed, this novel contains homosexual relationships. Additionally, this will probably be a short story with 5 chapters give or take. I've honestly just been itching to write some BL.

AdultBoys LoveDramaHistoricalMatureRomanceSmut
Aggressive Characters Clumsy Love Interests First Love First-time Intercourse Jealousy Kingdoms Masturbation Misunderstandings Royalty Secret Crush Secret Relationship Sex Friends Sexual Abuse Short Story Shounen-Ai Subplot Stubborn Protagonist Subtle Romance Time Skip Younger Love Interests
  1. Chapter IMar 31, 2019
  2. PrologueMar 20, 2019
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