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/ Series / I May Misunderstand The Term ‘Hero’
I May Misunderstand The Term ‘Hero’
I May Misunderstand The Term ‘Hero’
264.2k Views 3785 Favorites 96 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1622 Readers
3.9 (111 ratings)
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This is a novel about a little dragon discovering herself and refusing to conform to anyone else's standards of her!

Art originally by 'Houtengeki' - request to be taken down will be heeded (now nips free)
Please support my patreon pweet please:

What is a hero?

What would you do if suddenly a disembodied voice suddenly asked you that?

Absolutely nothing is the question because you've just been reincarnated so have no body!

This story will follow a little beasty girl born into a world they don't understand - an animal among men who's forced to blend in or be crushed. Despite all things considered she will still find help and support in her most fragile times in order to help her grow.

In more ways than one!

Author note:

There will be hardship but I will try to keep it lighthearted enough to not require tragedy tag because I don't like feeling too sad (I want to enjoy writing this... Though some suffering ain't too bad...). I also plan to not skimp out on smexy moments so if you don't like sex this may not be for you, may also be kinky, I don't know so I'll include warnings if I have particularly harsh ones included. To be honest I have idea's but nothing is concrete so may just fucking make it up as I go along! (A slight Lie)

Feel free to use my characters and setting in other novels though - if you wish to though, I request you at least consult me so that we can work on making things as constant as possible! I have no issues with people using my characters - just want them to be consistent!

Also, feel free to discuss shit with me in comments or pms - I'm just lonely.


[ I should mention because of my lack of foresight I will likely end up needing to add tags so I've only kept it to stuff I know for sure is going to be in - if you feel anything is missing that could shock/offend/harm someone thus needs to be included asap in tags please PM me. It also isn't an isekai because she likely won't remember her past life too much but rather just was reincarnated a bit differently to everyone else. ]

Age Progression Animal Characteristics BDSM Bisexual Protagonist Character Growth Demi-Humans Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Futanari Game Elements Perverted Protagonist Polygamy Prostitutes Spear Wielder Sword And Magic Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 16: pillars hold stuff up...

    Up until now the story does not have much in porn but more than makes up to it by giving a nice plot. So you can't expect this to relieve yourself s*xually. At lease not yet. At the beginning only expect the non-s*xual tags to represent most of the story. The character descriptions and world building is done nicely. The story isn't exactly lighthearted but it isn't tragic either.

    Author's poles doesn't not seem relevant (far too extreme) to the current plot development, but I find that out of placeness quite amusing. Looking forward to see how the story progresses both with porn and plot. I will update this review as the story progresses.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: c8

    As of chapter 8, the grammar has been good, pacing is good and world building (as much as it has been so far) is good. The base for the plot has also been interesting. Then comes the part why only 3 stars:

    The characters are inconsistent: the MC is supposed to be smart for her age and more mature than others, but comes out as a total simpleton. The MC is also supposedly forgotten everything about her past life, but knows some things she's not supposed to.

    The system makes absolutely no sense, with MC gaining jobs with skills and bonuses from doing things once and apparently people have no limit on many jobs they can have; so why is it that people don't have a thousand active jobs?

    All in all, it had a promising start, but didn't deliver enough for me to read long enough to reach the first smut.

    PS. The Author seems to be a fun person though

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 21: boring chapter i didn’...

    Very good story prota is lewd and not ashamed of it she strong and she's learning fast the plot so far sound good should give it a try and F"@& morales x)

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter: 7: good girl gone bad...

    This novel is not well written. First issue: GRAMMAR MISTAKES EVERYWHERE including, but not limited to: constant tense changes causing the flow of the story to halt, misspellings in nearly every sentence, and several other things. Second issue: polls being used for no important reason. Third issue: the system needs to be dramatically altered to fit the general idea of the story. 

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 9: mothers meeting

    The plot progression and characters are quite good- it's just not exactly to my preference, at least not fully since I'm someone who prefers either completely (or at least mostly) dark stories or the opposite, not something somewhat halfway.

    Still quite good though.

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 18

    The author has promise, and clearly struggles/struggled (I'm only on c18) with past tense, which is fine. If they go back and fix all the "would have" "would be", etc., then it'd be a fun read. 3/5, -1.5 for grammar, -.5 for toeing the line (you know what I mean boyo). I'll keep reading, but would have painful time with grammar. ;P

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    1 Likes · Like
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