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/ Series / A Chance To Become An Adonis
A Chance To Become An Adonis
A Chance To Become An Adonis
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4.0 (87 ratings)
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      New AvariciousFist
      Status: c104
      Feb 22, 2021

      I know the author is okay with criticism so here's my issue:

      First (I know this will eventually solved), when did he got a power up? Or more like the "once in a million talent". Cause if he has that ability back in his life he could have atleast you know as a young master will try to impress the bitch and of course learn martial arts half assed

      Second, did his mentality on his previous life got stuck as a kid? Or more like a ever horny teenager that's blindly following the love? Cause on his reincarnation right now he really acts like how a teenager really act like seriously he's an adult in a teenagers body

      Third, a lot of inconsistencies, when I say a lot I meant a lot of them, I've read the other novel before the author rewrites it but I can still see the previous mistakes

      And Fourth, the naivity of the MC, the overreactions of the mob characters and lastly (this is my personal bias) that bitch wife, I can see her getting included into the potential candidates but why?! Like why? He keeps saying he moved on but doesn't really seem like it, his conviction on the previous chapters now looks like a joke now

      Anyway a good novel but kinda cringe sometimes (maybe always) just kinda wished for myself the bitch ass ex wife won't be included, but oh well that's all up to you Blob Okay Hand

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      New desdodo
      Status: c66
      Feb 19, 2021

      I have currently read up to chapter 66. And I would simply like to say how much I enjoyed this novel. Though I haven't seen any groundbreaking ideas yet from our author. The story has given me rich young masters, a large plot based on revenge in the background, and the slow transformation from the ugly arrogant young master, to a kind, smart, strong, and breathtakingly handsome young master. It is an enjoyable novel that is well written and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it up to now. Though I can't comment on the stability of updates, all other aspects of this novel seem fine to me. I enjoy both the girl characters and the MC. It does fall into somewhat of a harem/wish fulfilment trope, but those never particularly bothered me. The novel is an 8/10 with all these combined from an impressive writing quality (at least for this website's standards) and a good plot and characters. Now the final thing that made this novel go from an 8/10 to a 999999999/10 is the yandere. Though it takes a while for the first yandere character to be completely revealed, there are hints along the way that she is the sacred yandere. Anyways, the story is great and I recommend you give it a read regardless of your opinion on yandere's, however, if yandere is a way of life for you, as it is for me, this is a wonderful novel that is a must-read. I hope that if you give it a try, you will enjoy it as much as I did.

      Also keep up the great work author-san, Im loving it and thank you for the content.

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      Status: c28
      Nov 23, 2020

      I like second chance

      I like villain

      But not this one.

      1. He said his family blah.... Corporation and have butler. If you have money gave to gangster or what to beat long something (he afraid everyone suspect him - idiot as long as no one have a proof or he just ned to not go to school)

      2. This should be second chance, but the moron and mongrel the son of poor family MC was, he just endured being bully in school. If you rich and your family powerful why every mob bully you? Illogical. His family was poor villager not corporation sh*t. 

      3. This should be second chance, but until 48 chap he just did 2 things, cut his hair and study, so his father could saving money when he go to college. His family poor

      4. This should be second chance, yet he still pathetic where everyone bully him, villain speak with fist (of course others fist, asking soemone to beat his enemy)

      5. This should be second chance, again no revenge mode and no hating someone, just smile and acting like he and his murdered as stranger

      6. MC persona was sh*t licking dog, loser, coward, what he do is simple (absent from class stomachache from playing ps5 and give someone money to beat the enemy and throw him in river and still absent from school until 1 month and no one gonna ask you as long as no proof)

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      Status: chapter 99: processing
      Jan 13, 2021

      OK the good the bad and the ugly!

      1 The good! It is well written, good grammar, and a good plot. I will continue to follow this great story!

      2 The bad! The MC is so smart and likable but he is a retard when it comes to girls.

      3 The ugly! Based on the MC and the tags the author has put up this is a fake harem.. I.E. dense protagonist that probably will star in the movie the 40 year old virgin... so do not expect him to have s*xy time!

      Despite ponts 2 and 3 I love this story!

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      Status: chapter 82: bloodthirsty beasts
      Dec 28, 2020

      Good premise, poorly implemented, short chapters with some less than a thousand words, little actual substance, poor pacing, unlikable MC with a beta personality, no use of future knowledge, and generally a bit boring since nothing is happening. It could be good if it was condensed,   pacing was done better, he grows a spine, but overall its annoying to read.

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      Status: chapter 30ish - kinda skimmed...
      Jan 8, 2021

      Reviewer / user TDM  says it quite well.

      This is a face slapping novel. I has the elements, of second chance / do-over / return to the past qualities. Coupled with the famous Chinese school interactions (both in JP and China) of a rich person. Honestly better than most of the actual Chinese one's, but... (I'm not going to mention it). I'm not surprised people find it boring, but grammar, pacing and story is good. This is really oriented towards a specific reader / niche. Author has some cool ideas though.

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      Status: chapter:135
      Feb 16, 2021

      As a second chance novel in a more standard urban world, I greatly enjoy it.

      some stuff I like about it:

      • The fact that the MC is pretty beta is put off for some but tbh It makes it 10 times better with how the novel follows.
      • the mc's density in most situations is actually understandable with what we know of his previous time line and his emotions state.
      • Character development is good and not much to critic about it as it is what I would expect from a good read.
      • Im also an avid yandere fan so id definitely give this 5 stars.

      i dont have much to comment on what can be improved asides from the fact that there is bit too much filler for my taste but provides a good background of what maybe to come.

      p.s. Please make the chapters longer if you can id rather have longer chapters instead of more of them...

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      Status: chapter 13: hated name
      Nov 29, 2020

      The 2nd chance concept is ok but there are a couple of problems with the execution.

      1) Slight grammatical errors here and there, nothing too major

      2) The protagonist somehow never picked up that his wife never loved him despite all the obvious signs which is highly immersion-breaking.

      3) The story takes a while to start. At chapter 13 nothing really happens apart from people being surprised about the protagonist changing.

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      Status: chapter 129
      Nov 22, 2020

      Reincarnation. Dense Protagonist. Slice of Life. ... Maybe revenge, someday in a hypothetical distant future (don't hold your breath).

      I'm reviewing having also read the original draft, which the author has almost caught up to.

      Story: A second-chance reincarnation story that promises future revenge elements as well as mystery/intrigue and some love interest. Based on the opening chapters, where the protagonist, Lu Chen, is murdered (in his late 20s?) by his wife and her long-time lover, I definitely wouldn't categorize this as Slice of life despite the fact that we haven't yet seen much else.  There hasn't yet been combat, cultivation, sports or magic (aside from reincarnation), but story has introduced martial artists who seem to be practicing at a near superhuman level and if somebody doesn't die... readers would likely riot. (Read the first two chapters and you will understand.) The story tags are fairly accurate, while I think the "dense protagonist" applies only to the preface chapters; "military" and "cooking" tags are the only ones I haven't seen yet.  (Don't count on combat or action, it may never happen.)

      Writing Style and Story: Story switches too often between preteen cherry boy slice of life, and attempting to be serious about other elements.  Intriguing and subtle. Detailed and character driven. Motivations for actions usually apparent, such that readers can debate about what is actually happening until the author reveal.  Author shows emotion and thoughts of his characters and isn't often telling us what people think.

      Characters: The main character is not obviously overpowered, but he does have advantages, some of which are only hinted at thus far. He is/was imperfect; some would call him a loser and thuggish when he was a teen; personally I think he was born rich but had few redeeming physical or mental attributes, was obsessed with his fiancé and childhood friend (who learned to resent him), and was unhealthily antisocial... he was repeatedly baited by a certain villain's stooges into acting rashly and ruined his reputation and face.  And ultimately he is betrayed in the worst way, and killed, by someone he loved and trusted.  But 2nd chance reincarnation allows him an opportunity to fix his mistakes. Supporting characters fall into standard romance categories, and Lu Chen will likely juggle several female relationships, resulting in humorous painfully awkward situations. All support characters are well done, but not terribly developed thus far. Also, there are a couple characters, pretty well developed, that readers will love to hate.  

      Grammar and Spelling: Decent and visibly improving.

      Recommendation: High... 3 stars.

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      Status: c34
      Nov 12, 2020

      So far the overall development is great between characters and the tone set. No grammatical errors from what I can see either. Only problem is the chapters are too short but the frequency of the updates makes up for it in a way. Lastly looking forward to how the romance is developed as there have been no hints towards any yet but from the pace it is looking promising.

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