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/ Series / I’m in a Monster Girl World (MGW)
I’m in a Monster Girl World (MGW)
I’m in a Monster Girl World (MGW)
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3.9 (239 ratings)
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A man in his late 20's working in a dead-end job with a boss that won't keep her hands off of him goes out drinking after a world-changing revelation and dies. When he wakes up he's inside an egg! Where is he and why is he a baby girl?

- This story is mostly lighthearted for the first 2 arcs but I plan to make it get a bit more serious as the arc's progress. Warning! Strong Language and both references and actual scene's of sex will occur none of which are with underage character's but this is not a smut and as such it is not the main focus. I do update the glossary as we learn new information as well as any information that I view as important so check it out for some in-depth world building as this story progresses. I plan on posting new chapters, first on Patreon then on here, about twice a week, Monday and Friday, as much as possible.

-Follow this link to find my Deviantart Page which will be where I post various drawings for this novel:
-Follow this link to find my Discord:

All of my announcements will be on Discord for Q/A's and other special events. Any relevant events will also be posted on the most recent chapter but they are generally not up-to-date unless you are caught up. If my Discord gets enough membership I will host live Q/A's in the future.

AdultAdventureEcchiFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveHaremIsekaiRomance
Age Regression Alternate World Animal Characteristics Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Arranged Marriage Beastkin Beautiful Female Lead Bisexual Protagonist Brother Complex Demon Lord Futanari Girl's Love Subplot Goddesses Guilds Love Interest Falls in Love First Master-Disciple Relationship Monster Girls Non-human Protagonist Royalty Sister Complex Slow Romance Strong to Stronger Summoned Hero Sword And Magic
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 7

    Well the setting of the story id great and both her best friend and sister followed her wich is rrally nice. BUT the protag is supposed to be a grown man heck ! Even if she got a younger body and it influence her she should be a lot more mature coz she still has all of her memories. And why is she blushing everytime some s*x is involved while we know for sure that she participated in some three person plays ?? 

    So the story is great but the MC is just a teenage girl and we can't see any of her past life experiences reflected in her behavior. 

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    Status: chapter 11: political maneuvering

    The main character lacks agency. Things happen to them, but they don't take any actions themselves. As a direct result, various scenes read like a slowmo train wreck.

    I don't know why people keep writing characters without agency. Is it fun to keep screaming "I don't want this" and letting things happen all the same?

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    15 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1 (prologe finished)

    the main character is extremely ignorant with the other characters (and himself) and I don't understand how one can like that.

    throughout the series I'm going to wonder how stupid he / she is not to understand everything that is happening and even if he / she does not understand to find an obvious answer or almost.

    so for those who want to be in this main character do not read it. I put 2 star because the rest is pretty good (very pull by the hair this plot but good).

    the MC (idiot + ultra dense) = -3star and it could have gained + 1 / + 2 star for the rest of the story but I couldn't continue because of MC.

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    Status: c59

    This story starts off well enough but as of the latest arc I'm currently reading (the tournament arc) I feel like theirs been a significant drop in quality for the pacing of the story. The author seems to have made every effort to pad out this arc as much as they can not just chapter-wise but in alternate povs as well. I may be a bit biased since I usually dislike stories with multiple main characters but I feel like my criticism is more warranted here, as while before this arc we did get another point of view of other characters it was to a much lesser degree and it mainly focused on the MC. Now the author seems to be trying everything in order to stay away from the main character in fact introducing several new leading characters that connect into the plot and involving the villains pov instead of attempting to weave everything through the main character. This wouldn't be a problem if the story had been set up like this in the first place but this way of writing came out of left field. There are several other problems with pacing both plot-wise and dialogue wise too. The previous arc had a somewhat smooth and loose timeline where we would get a couple of character interactions followed by somewhat of a skip ranging from the next day to several years. This arc destroys that previously established pacing with things practically happening at a snail's pace. Things are happening yes but not in the same fast and smooth way as before. Part of that can be chalked up to the inflated cast getting the spotlight but also some of the problems stem from the dialogue. I've been noticing an increasing trend in a character to say something, the characters around them understand what they were saying as well as the audience but the author then switches povs and then forces the character to reiterate everything that character just said in slightly different words.

    Enough ranting because aside from the ranting I had about the tournament arc I enjoyed the rest of the story a fair amount and I don't want to give a wrong impression. It has interesting characters and plots but the author has a bad habit of establishing something and then hanging over our heads for 50+ odd chapters (I'M LOOKING AT THE HYPNOTIZED SISTER PLOT THREAD AUTHOR YOU CAN'T JUST ESTABLISH THAT AND THEN NOT TOUCH IT FOR DOZENS UPON DOZENS OF CHAPTERS!)

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 89: demon lord vs the...

    The story and characters are great, they are distinct and even the side-characters have good development.

    As others have mentioned the protagonist's childishness and lack of agency are beyond even the common 'reincarnated as child stories' though it does get addressed in the plot eventually.

    The grammar is generally passable, but very inconsistent: one moment it's good and then the author decides every 's' needs an apostrophe no matter if it indicates plurality or possession.

    Perhaps the most frustrating part -at least in my opinion- is that the author splits the usual dialogue+explanation->dialogue+explanation into a series of dialogue and responses and then massive blocks chronologically explaining what happened and the reactions, often to an unnecessary degree. Although sometimes great for building intrigue to find out the circumstances of the conversation, it mostly just ruins the timing and becomes tedious to read.

    TL:DR great plot with a lot of potential and fun characters held back by inconsistent grammar and a frankly bizarre writing style

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: extra chapter: rough draft of...

    Honestly have no idea why this novel has has so many 1 star reviews, there are way worse stories on this site. Anyway, this story is pretty generic, with a school arc, engangement to a prince, evil chruch, demihumans, and some nobles who are asshats. That said, I wouldnt consider that a bad thing as I've yet to find these tropes annoying or aggrevating. They fit pretty well into the setting, and the parts that usually will instantly turn readers off, like the evil chruch who discrimnates against nonhumans, havent been very present in the plot as of yet. But, in the future, if the conflict with the chruch turns into the main focus, or if his sister takes like a 100 chapters before she gets rescued, then I might drop it. For now though, its an overall pretty decent isekai story. Btw, the protaganist seems to be bis*xual, and I wouldnt be suprised if she ends up with having relationships with both genders. So if you purely expect girls love because of the gender bender tag then you may be dissapointed.

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    Status: chapter 11: political maneuvering

    Why is the MC seemingly getting *less* mature every chapter? She used to be a well-rounded, experienced guy with plenty of relationships and now she's turned into Generic Tsundere Mob Character 4365746956 that fails at basic conversations every 3 paragraphs. Has the MC actually made one decision for herself yet? I'm pretty sure, in every chapter since the reincarnation, she hasn't actually asked for a single thing or made a single decision. She's just going through the motions of being a person, without any actual soul or personality besides being pretty and getting embarrassed by literally every type of attention or interaction.

    Not to mention the malicious incompetence of all the "adults" around her. Queen, Ducal parents, personal maid, and hired tutors all fail to explain the most basic of basics about the magic system before shipping her off to what seems to be a human-majority nation to a boarding school that also houses violently human-supremacist church bastards? Teachers that gleefully threaten a Queen's niece on first meeting, while letting the church bastards wander around freely even after they openly attacked a Queen's niece on her first day at school? There shouldn't be any of them left on campus to warn the MC about after that, if the school and principal genuinely care about the students' well-being.

    This is an interesting setting, but the MC is painful to read and completely ruins the story. I wish you well with your writing, but this isn't for me.

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    Status: chapter 26: know the name of...

    I love this story so far! The MC is a lamia which is a different kind of fantasy creature, I love the change in that way, I love how good your grammar and spelling are which help to boost the story even more! I am looking forward to even more chapters in the future!

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 114: a demon called love

    I really like the story and how it is written. It has a way to keep you in the story and I chose to forgo sleep to work through the story.

    Well built arc, story and progression. Can't wait for more. 

    My advice, don't knock it till you try it.

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    Status: chapter 148: a much needed intervention

    the story is good and worth reading, but sometimes dreadfully long.

    a lot of information is placed in the middle of conversations like posture and facial expressions, which slow down conversations but most of these are easily skip-able without missing out making it easier to read.

    other than that, I think the story is good and worth the read.

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