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Wish of the Cipher
Wish of the Cipher
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3.9 (54 ratings)
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Yuuma Akiyama is a popular high schoolboy loved by the girls and hated by the average boy and is secretly an otaku at heart. After an unfortunate accident, he dies saving someone he cares about only to be reincarnated into a new world as a demon girl known as Nariko Helel ben Shachar.

In a world with no magic and where the only means of fighting the Forsaken are with Cipher-Gears, weapons that are powered through one's mana. Nariko will soon come to the realization of the truth behind her reincarnation and her true purpose in this new world.

[The cover art is commission work done by artist burnknuckle. If you wish to check out a bit of his work link is below.]
[The cover art depicts the main character Nariko Helel ben Shachar]


ActionEcchiFantasyGender BenderIsekaiMechaSchool LifeSci-fiSupernatural
Angels Beasts Bisexual Protagonist Cosmic Wars Cute Protagonist Demi-Humans Demons Elves Fairies Fallen Angels Female Protagonist Magical Space Magical Technology Male to Female Military Multiple Realms Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Soul Power Unique Weapons Wars Weak to Strong
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