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Wish of the Cipher
Wish of the Cipher
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Main Characters
Nariko Helel ben Shachar/Yumma Akiyama

In a previous life, they were known as Yumma Akiyama a popular schoolboy and a devoted otaku. After his death, he would be reincarnated as the demon girl, Nariko Helel ben Shachar, the daughter of Lord Lucifer.

Mana Hellsmouth

She was reincarnated months prior to current events in the story. Mana starts developing a close bond of friendship and familial connection to Nariko as they spend time together. She is known for possessing black ice magical abilities.


A half-ogre, half-demon of nobility, she's a very laid back about nearly everything that happens in her everyday life. Known for her stoic expression and love for lollipops.

Promethean God of Creation, Chronarus

When the mortals united in order to reach Prothean, the sacred land of the Prometheans. Chronarus punished them by stripping them of their magical power and dividing them into the Realms we know of today.

Promethean Goddess of Destruction

Promethean Goddess of Mischief

Promethean Goddess of Possibility

Promethean God of Death

Promethean God of War

Promethean God of Clarity

Promethean Goddess of Desecration

Demon Characters
Grand Eldar Satan

Is the current ruler of the Devil Kingdom taking over from her late father, because of this she was forced to grow up quickly and learn her role in order to keep the noble houses in order and under her control albeit at a price.

Lord Lucifer Helel ben Shachar

One of the eight Prince of Hell known as the Lord of Purity not much is known about his past besides from his military feats before stepping down and taking a more reversed approach to total peace.

Lady Leviathan Hellsmouth

One of the eight Princesses of Hell known as the Lady of Might. She's the mother to the reincarnated Mana Hellsmouth having a strong sense of parental love for her daughter, she will often tease the former on multiple occasions.

Lord Belial

One of the eight Princes of Hell known as the Lord of Wisdom. He is currently the Director at the Academy of Wisdom which his ancestors created in order to produce nurture future generations into the role of military personnel. He has a long of serving alongside Lord Lucifer in the military before retiring himself to his current way of life.

Elaria and Syl

Both of these once pure Elves now serve Lord Belial. After offering themselves as servants they were eventually given the option of being reborn as half-demon, half-elf resulting in the both them being turned into Dark Elves.

Varan Rel Ga Hazan

A blood relation to the Lord of Wisdom, Lord Belial. The servant Syl serves as his personal maid in his everyday tasks. Also attends the same academy as Nariko, Mana and Etsudo.

Lord Asmodeus

One of the eight Princes of Hell known as the Lord of Gluttony. One of the figures in the Anti-Peace Faction of the Demon nobility he has ties to people within Arcanium using them in order to further his own goals.


One of the many intelligent Guardians that roam the lands of the Demon Realm. Lonshanks serves as Lord Beliel's personal assistant helping with many tasks, he's also taken a keen interest in Nariko due to her unusual aura that he has sensed coming from her.

Alecto Nymphria

The youngest of the Nymphria sisters and cousin to Lord Lucifer. Having just completed her Passage of Rite.

Lady Megera Nymphria

One of eight Princesses of Hell known as the Lady of Youth. A rare breed of demon due bright blonde hair all information of her existence is kept secret from outside sources. She is also a cousin of Lord Lucifer like her younger sisters.

Order of Sages Characters
Nur Vo Ghul

An old man that's a descendant of a rare species of Supreme Humans, he serves as a guide and a well of knowledge for the Devil Kingdom aiding them if need be in their endeavours.


  • Demon Realm - A continent that's home to various demonic races and beasts. Its landscape is very much mountainous and largely uninhabitable due to its treacherous climate and beasts that roam freely, however, the mountain regions make it a continent reach in exotic ores.
  • Heavenly Realm - The continent in which divine beings such as Angels and divine creatures reside.
  • Banished Realm - The continent in which Fallen Angels currently live, the most dangerous of all the Realms since that's where the first appearance of Forsaken Beasts occured.
  • Mortal Realm - The continent in which mortal races and beasts reside, the continent is mostly made up of Humans, however, it is also the home to many demi species such as Elves, Fae, Beastkin and more.
Demon Realm Locations

The capital city of the Devil Kingdom, serving as a place of power for the kingdom and as a major trading hub.

Fires of Periphery

It's the fissure that separates the Demon Realm from the Mortal Realm. It's lava fires make it almost impossible to pass-through it also acts as a source of time informing those residing in the Demon Realm whether it's day or night by the brightness and colours that it shines down upon the realm.

Hellspawn Laboratory

The only facility within the Demon Realm that specializes in the creation of clones and the use of reincarnation rituals. 

Hellscape Imperial Hospital

The main hospital situated within the Demon Realm capital of Hellscape.

Demon Realm Species

The dominate species within the Demon Realm. Males are distinguishable by they large horns and parts of their skin being scaly. As for females they instead have smaller horns and an agile scaleless dragon tail.

Dark Elves

A species that isn't naturally conceived instead Dark Elves are the product of Elves from the Mortal Realm making pacts with Demons. Their bodies mutate due to continuous expose of manacules in the atmosphere from the Demon Realm, so far, females are the only known Dark Elves.

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