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Monster Girl Collection
Monster Girl Collection
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“Let’s Play A Game, Auroro. If you want me, reach me."

Plucked from the cycle of reincarnation by a mysterious Goddess, Auroro, with nothing but a sense of self and a mysterious power, is thrust into an unknown world full of fantastical races and creatures.

An ominous timer on his arm, counting down to his doom, Auroro must reach the Goddess’ domain once more and bring their game to its climax before his time runs out and he returns to the cycle.

The only problem is, Auroro’s power is too overspecialized; he’s useless at anything worth being good at! He won’t be able to reach the Goddess alone, but thankfully the world is full of possible assets just waiting to be conquered. Monster guys and Monster Girls make the world of Mistrim their home. And thankfully for Auroro, THAT’s where his special power will come in handy.


Hello, thanks for reading!
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So this story is one that is made entirely for people that like harems and monster girls; I'm not sure if you noticed. What I want in this story is just a fun romp through a fantasy world filled with monstery people. So if that sounds good to you, I hope you'll enjoy. Of course, this story also features vivid naughty scenes, so R-18. The scenes are 20% of any given volume in terms of word count.
Other things to expect include useful and funny harem members, and over the top magic battles. If you want a series with good combat and good intimate scenes, this is the one for you.

Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Bickering Couple Carefree Protagonist Caring Protagonist Comedic Undertone Elves Fantasy Creatures Goddesses Harem-seeking Protagonist Heroes Monster Girls Perverted Protagonist Proactive Protagonist R-18 Strategic Battles Succubus
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      Status: chapter 1
      Oct 9, 2020

      What can I say, I came for the lemons, but stayed for the entertainment. Much like a certain blue dungeon, the charm extends beyond the obvious honey.

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