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/ Series / I Reincarnated as a Tentacle Monster
I Reincarnated as a Tentacle Monster
I Reincarnated as a Tentacle Monster
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I reincarnated as a tentacle monster. That isn't what I wanted, but it is what is is.

BDSM Comedic Undertone Perverted Protagonist Tentacles Voyeurism
  1. 3: The WeddingNov 22, 2020
  2. 2: 666Oct 14, 2020
  3. 1: Reincarnated (R18+)Oct 13, 2020
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      Status: c2: 666
      Oct 16, 2020

      You've written better. Waaaaaay better.

      The pacing is all over the place. The comedy is trying too hard. Attempts are made at what I'd call "absurd humor" - here's one of the better examples:

      Spoilers for the first chapter from here on out.


      “I might be too, ” I said and we looked into each other’s eyes. I only later realized that I had five eyes, but that did not matter for this romantic scene.


      This absurd humor is something I personally really enjoy. Love Crafted had me grinning from ear to ear until it physically started to hurt.

      But this kind of absurd humor is done by doing things that aren't normal, which means you can very quickly go off the rails.

      And that's exactly what's going on here.


      I wanted to how strong am, so I proceeded to move to the King and thrust one of my meaty tentacles down his throat. He gagged and choked and I realized that he was completely powerless against me.


      This is where it fails. This isn't absurd humor to me. I can see the attempt, but it falls flat and turns into "what the hell, protag?"

      The subsequent murdering of nondescript individuals doesn't help.

      Call it my personal opinion, but I think a chaotic writing style like this doesn't suit you.

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