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/ Series / Beneath the Dragoneye Moons
Beneath the Dragoneye Moons
Beneath the Dragoneye Moons
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4.6 (264 ratings)
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Elaine is ripped from this world to Pallos, a land of unlimited possibilities made real by a grand System governing classes, skills, and magic.

An ideal society? What is this, a fantasy novel?

Adventures? Right this way!

A Grand quest? Nah.

Friends and loot? Heck yes!

Humans are the top dog? Nope, dinosaur food.

Healing and fighting? Well, everything is trying to eat her.

Join Elaine as she travels around Pallos, discovering all the wonders and mysteries of the world, trying to find a place where she belongs, hunting those elusive mangos, all while the ominous Dragoneye Moons watch her every move.


Hey! Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is my first writing effort, so please be kind, but don’t hesitate to point out the flaws.

The story starts off slowly, more like a slice of life than action-adventure, but it gets there!

I’m going to be posting M-W-F at first, but I hope to increase the posting rate as I get better at this.

I do know how the story ends, and I promise if it ever gets dropped, or I stop doing this, I will post the ending. There will be no random “this is the last chapter” out of the blue.


Cover art by Lee Kent:
High-res cover image:
This story is being published on Royal Road and Scribblehub.

Character Growth Elemental Magic Fantasy World Female Protagonist Game Elements Healers Magic R-18 Sword And Magic Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 251
Reviews 11
Table of Contents
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    New rowgran
    Status: chapter 187 – the dragoneye moons i

    This would have a high four maybe five star rating if not for one thing, spoilers below.

    The oath the MC made as a child crippled the development of the character greatly limiting her potential. At first it was a interesting twist, it made the MC adapt and think around the problem. Now though it is a lazy gimmick used to nerf a otherwise insanely cool character.

    On top of that is how it happen, how did her parents or the kid herself not realize something was wrong and took her back to the healer? This part angers me so much, and it is even worse when you realize it lead to the worse part of the story.

    I will be honest, having a story about a healer is really interesting. On top of that the classes are incredibly cool. This story could have been amazing if it did not have the crippling oath. Imagine this the story continued as it had up until the mc's freind's death, instead of that happening. The friend came back and said something was wrong, then the MC saves her. This would lead her to the path of a healer, then it is both of them heading out together. A healer and mage together, her friend could have been an ice mage. Imagine what they could have gotten up to, that is a better core concept then what was written.

    I just hope in your next story you do not hadicap your MC.

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    1 Likes · Like

    [Initial review, chapter 35]

    For me, this is the story of a girl finding herself in this new world, full of warm and fuzzy feelings, but not without its dangers.

    It is very light-hearted and very serious at the same time. Definitely an interesting writing style. Story builds up nicely and there is already quite a lot of content in these first 30ish chapters.

    [Edit, chapter 83]

    I'm bad at not spoiling the story, so all I can say is that I still enjoy this story a lot. If you liked the start, chances are you'll like the rest.

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 44 –virinum ii

    I am strongly suggesting this story for many reasons, the main one being a strong but kind hearted MC who isn’t a pushover nor a bully. Life is shades of grey with ups and downs and I feel the author does a really good job at showing that. 

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 85– plague xv

    Actual score would be somewhere around 4.4, I'll leave it at 5 just because I do think it deserves some praise.
    Some minor spoilers ahead
    This story is about a girl who dies on Earth and gets reincarnated to a world with a litrpg system, she doesn't get any major benefits from her status and no cheat items, even some knowledge about modern tech is taken from her to prevent unbalancing the world.
    -Great litrpg system with interesting classes and skills and abilities, Similar to Azarinth healer. (Without the op MC)
    -Good worldbuilding, although there's a small issue I'll mention later.
    -Side characters are pretty good.
    -Grammar and dialogues are great.
    -Refreshing plot direction, no grand quest or some cliché plot points

    The MC's personality doesn't really fit someone who's been reincarnated, she often makes decisions that seem quite baffling  considering her real age, it also seems she's somehow regressed mentality to fit her physical age. 
    There are some cases where heavy plot armor saves her from her stupidly. 
    I do have to state that the MC is slowly improving and learning, although there are some things that she won't be able to fix which is annoying and interesting at the same time because the MC has to learn to adapt to certain choices that she made. That's pretty much the only thing I didn't like about it.
    Just a minor annoyance of mine but for some reason there's some heavy s*xism, in a world where the presence of a system eliminates any gap between men and women, there are certain places where females are literally second class citizens and it's widely accepted as the norm, the author does explain in to a certain extent but I don't think it really works, it just seems like he/she placed it there as another wrong our MC has to fight against. 
    Just to clarify, the author doesn't make the MC or any other  female character a Mary Sue, they all have their vices and feel  pretty real.

    After all of this I do suggest you give it a try, the author is clearly improving and I have no doubt this will go from great to fantastic 

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    Very well written characters and world building, as well as a brilliantly constructed progression system that is astonishingly internally consistent that pretty much every character has munchkinned the bejesus out of. Easily one of my top 3 webnovels

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 3 - system day iii

    The major con that explain the rating :

    The lack of logic in the universe and the clear childishness of the MC that shouldn't be that childish make it a pain to read if you are actually logical. The author is biased and pushing an agenda that shouldn't be pushed and it shows.

    The positive that cannot save the story :

    The basis is good, a world were humans struggle to even survive and still prosper despite that is a solid foundation for pretty much any story. You can have insanely good adventure told, nice police stories, cool romances, massive tragedies, the possibilities are endless.

    The system seem solid, but I did not get far enough to judge it without making errors.

    The cosmogony is interesting and the author clearly has a hard on for mythology which could help a lot to immerse the readers, if only... well I already stated my grief so heh.

    What should be changed to get a better story :

    every chapters are too short, like they are drafts, be more efficient in the description add more of them and let us immerse in this world by showing us clearly the appearance of everything, a fantasy story should always allow us to travel in some way.

    Drop. The. Agenda. Pushing. Be more logical and less RL political, it hurt you story like nothing can.

    There is a solid foundation here, so please don't make a straw house on it.

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    Status: c234

    Let's get the big negative out of the way. Elaine can be a frustrating character sometimes.

    But my frustration with her during her not-so-great moments empowers my love for her when she goes off and shows everyone why she's the leading character. It's not so much a love-hate relationship, it's really a loving relationship with those quirks that can annoy you, but without them, Elaine wouldn't be Elaine. And that's part of the reason why the character score is a full 5 stars for me.

    I like Selkie's dedication to Elaine's character and her steady growth from the wee unsociable girl from a little seashore town to the special forces badass she's becoming. And as that's happening, you get fun little moments of Elaine's character getting challenged due to her weaknesses, which makes the story soar greatly when she finds ways to get around that weakness and work with other characters. And I honestly like the crew in this book. Not all of them have incredibly depth, but most of them have enough depth to make them fun and easy to remember.

    What I truly like is how Selkie can take us across Pallos and show off a bunch of characters and help us get to know them and steadily care for them. It's really hard to balance that along with the power progression, world-building, plot arcs, and all the other hints that Selkie slips into the story to forewarn of what may come in the future. That's another key point about the story. The author's dedication toward foreshadow, so not much is a blindside for the astute reader, but there's still plenty of surprises when the action kicks.

    Style-wise and grammar-wise, I don't see many flaws. The author has their own style that's easy to get accustomed to, and as the story plays out, I find myself reading through a bunch of text, information, and more without having to stop and reread things. The way the author writes is thorough when it needs to be, or brisk and easy when we're on our way toward the next subject of the story.

    The elements at play between the fluffy fun stuff and the grimdark elements feeds both sides of my soul who enjoys it all. Which also makes me tense as a reader because the peaceful moments are precious, but they can easily be shaken in this monstrous and magical world that Selkie has crafted.

    When it comes down to the system at play... well... it's honestly one of the best I've seen. It enhances the imagination while applying restrictions that follows Brandon Sanderson's school of magic-building -- having clear limitations makes the use of magic really interesting. Elaine's limitations amplified how powerful her victories turn out to be when she wins something and makes my heart shake when she sometimes loses something. Nonetheless, the system and the world of Pallos is fused closely together, providing our MC an intricate path that allows her to grow quickly in power in a way that makes sense and starts turning her into a wonderful, heroic, and courageous badass.

    Yeah, sure, there's definite those "Gawd dammit, Elaine!" But that's part of the fun of it. I'm glad the author writes the character the way they do because it makes her real. I'm excited to read more.

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    Status: chapter 161 – formorians xii

    I came into this story expecting a normal isekai. Instead I got a diamond.

    No more of characters being born into a new world with their memories and somehow retaining all their memories throughout their whole lives. All baby years and their growing up. 

    This story is not like that. Elaine is a great MC. She forgets, she goofs up, she acts out and hormones actually make a mess of her mental faculties like any other human being. Most of all shes relatable. No super geniuses here. Just a woman, with dreams of freedom, a means of doing and her own agency. 

    In a world where everything is out to kill humanity, gods and monsters stalk and dinosaurs walk; Elaine decided to be a healer. 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 127 – deva ii

    I just finished binge reading this from start to the current chapter, which at time of writing is Chapter 127. I've really enjoyed this story, the writing is good, the story compelling, the characters interesting. I was sad when I caught up and saw there wasn't anymore to read. I wanted to know what happens next. Definitely worth the read!

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    2 Likes · Like

    This story is gangbusters. In terms of the technical stuff, the story has been fairly solid. The characters are likeable and memorable. I had shaky feelings at the beginning regarding the MC. The MC was kind of, not dumb excatly, but like definitely not situationally aware. Which is explained by the fact that she is/was a normal child to teenager back then, her MC cheats were slow to activate and needed work, and she wasn't making magic hyper-competent MC decisions. Yet the story gets better as she grows older, levels up, and becomes more able to hold her own... So much better. Unbelievably better. I wholeheartedly recommend this story!

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