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/ Series / The Fe-Male Adventures
The Fe-Male Adventures
The Fe-Male Adventures
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While living his boring life, Leon was unexpectedly sent to another world. This would be fine but because he upsetted the god that summoned him, he was sent to the other world with an extra pair of... equipment. Follow Leon as he explores this new world and his new... gifts.

The is an updated version of a story I posted earlier this year called 'The life of a hermaphrodite transmigrator'. Too many things in the story changed so i decided to just upload a new story rather than editing and updating all the current chapters.

Post schedule is 3 times a week. At least until patreon goals are meet. Hint hint XD

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyGender BenderIsekaiLitRPGMature
Adventurers Appearance Changes Bisexual Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Clever Protagonist Demons Dungeons Empires Fantasy Creatures Futanari Game Elements Gods Grinding Kingdom Building Level System Magic Monsters Nobles Nudity Perverted Protagonist Shameless Protagonist Slaves Sword And Magic Transmigration Transported into a Game World
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