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An ancient hunchback named Finnel is the principal of a school where students’ special abilities might be called magical, supernatural powers.

Or, maybe those students’ heightened attributes are more like honed talents any ordinary person could discover and dedicate to developing.

Either way, at Finnel's school, even the most otherworldly of traits always finds its source in something REAL . . . in actual human capacities, like intuition, empathy, awareness, strength...

REAL is a series of ongoing tales, each centered around an individual student at Finnel's school.

Framing slice-of-life authenticity with cool powers and uplifting humor, REAL maintains a light, fun tone while never shying away from digging down deep into weighty themes like identity, connection, and meaning.

ComedyDramaSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Anti-social Protagonist Awkward Protagonist Bullying Character Growth Childhood Friends Comedic Undertone Depression Destiny Early Romance Episodic Family Conflict Friendship Heartwarming Hidden Abilities Identity Crisis Interconnected Storylines Introverted Protagonist Modern Fantasy Multiple Protagonists Philosophical Psychic Powers Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Special Abilities
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