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The Divine Saintess
The Divine Saintess
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Every three hundred years a Divine Saintess is born, the one who holds divine power and washes away all the wars and famine. And just like now that legend has started again, but this time there happens to be five? What the hell! Who's the real Divine Saintess?

Effective: February 10th, 2021

I changed the main character's age added a few new genres, and a few more tags for non-confusion. I will warn people that this is a magical girls type novel but it is not for children! Please be warned it is different from a normal magical girl anime series. There is not that much sweetness in this novel but there is some. One more thing, this is a world where getting married at a young age and having babies at that age is normal. Do not be surprised by any huge age differences between couples in this novel! I have warned you. Thank you for reading.

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyMartial ArtsMatureRomanceSmut
Beasts Beautiful Female Lead Cute Protagonist Divination Doting Love Interests Elemental Magic Familiars Fat Protagonist Female Protagonist Glasses-wearing Love Interests Healers Loner Protagonist Magical Girls Monsters Older Love Interests Romantic Subplot Saints Strong Love Interests Transported into Another World Unique Weapon User Weak to Strong
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