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/ Series / Reboot:Magidroid
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Magitech is booming, and it all started when mysterious robots showed up one day and offered to create tools to utilize the magic in the air.
The efficiency was bad, and improvements were slow.
Aumo, an orphaned boy, figured out how to overcome the efficiency problems. He was sought after, but died when some of the robots stopped working with the humans.
Aumo then wakes up a hundred years later, with the robots and humans divided into factions. What will he do?

This is the first story that I will properly writing. As someone who quite literally failed in English Class before, I'm not expecting it to be good myself(all they teach us how to write essays though). That aside, hope you enjoy this story; give me ideas or tell me what I could improve on. I will try to update weekly... I'm unsure of the tags so I'm adding them as I write.

AdventureFantasyGender BenderLitRPGMechaSci-fi
Androids Artificial Intelligence Clever Protagonist Crafting Demons Dense Protagonist Humanoid Protagonist Magical Technology Male to Female Monsters Non-human Protagonist Underestimated Protagonist
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