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Tainted Scorpion
Tainted Scorpion
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Let me just warn you all now, if you are expecting a story where the protagonist is a pacifist then my tainted pages aren’t for your weak eyes to peruse. I’m a bad girl who loves eating strong men all night long. As for the women, they are appetizers for my bloodthirsty gluttony. The children, tsk, they can't even arouse the hairs on my golden va-jay-jay.
Pain is my forte and pleasure is my game. If you wish for someone to be killed then just say my name. As long as you supply my tank-account with ample amount of water, I will kill your wife and husband even your lovely daughter. I exist solely to fulfil my twisted clients’ desires.
You can find my contact info at the end of the story. Please don’t bother me if you’re not serious about somebody entering the afterlife. Otherwise, I might have to xxx all you readers.

(Link to Discord)

(Author’s Notes)You can offer your support for Mia Aim’s creativity if you visit the following links below. I’m currently in the process of working on my new LitRPG-Fantasy novel, Word Fu! The latest chapters are published on Patreon along with character artwork. Please offer your support.

ActionAdultMartial ArtsMatureMysteryRomanceSci-fiSupernaturalTragedy
Assassins BDSM Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Child Abuse Corruption Crazy Protagonist Criminals Cruel Characters Dark Detectives Evil Protagonist Evolution Family Conflict Fearless Protagonist Gangs Gore Hidden Abilities Modern Fantasy Murders Psychic Powers Revenge Secret Identity Secret Organizations Sword And Magic
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