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Grasping Happiness
Grasping Happiness
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Yurian never forgot the day he first met his lover.

Despite his wrecked appearance, Cain Benedict had extended a warm hand towards him, pulling Yurian out of the hellhole that used to be his life. Although Cain had a cold appearance, his awkward displays of affection never failed to fill Yurian’s heart with sweetness.

But Yurian’s fleeting life of happiness came to an end when he realized that Cain’s loving gaze was no longer directed at him, but towards his own brother instead.

So when he died, Yurian was more relieved than upset, for his heart wasn’t magnanimous enough to calmly witness Cain love someone other than him.

He had embraced death, so why…

Why was he reborn?


NOTE: I recently released then deleted this series (with the same title) b/c I wasn’t satisfied with how I wrote the intro. I also made a couple changes to the plot. Sorry for any confusion!

DISCLAIMER: This novel contains themes that may be disturbing to some (incl. suicide, self-harm, non/dubcon) so please read the tags and proceed at your own discretion.

Story guide:
- Three potential gongs x Cold-on-the-outside-but-warm-on-the-inside protagonist shou
- Extremely dog-blooded; this is written as my heart desires, so please bear with any plot holes
- 100% happy end, 1V1 (and alternate endings for the side gongs (人◕ω◕))


Cover is not mine.

AdultBoys LoveDramaMatureRomanceSmutTragedy
Adopted Protagonist Black Belly Brother Complex Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests First-time Intercourse Handsome Male Lead Male Yandere Manipulative Characters Misunderstandings Multiple POV Possessive Characters R-18 Rape Siblings Not Related by Blood Time Loop Transported into Another World
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