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/ Series / Respawn Condition: Trash Mob
Respawn Condition: Trash Mob
Respawn Condition: Trash Mob
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    Status: chapter 30

    I usually avoid stories with "Game Elements" tag, I read this one because tags were incomplete as the story was just added.

    I avoid "Game Elements" because most often author uses the "system" etc. to fix plot holes, lazely give his MC abilities and make him a Mary Sue. This story however is doing nothing of that, the story is not revolving around game elements and instead you could tell the system is in the background, nicely complementing the rest of the story.

    I really like the way the author describes different thought styles of different species/monsters and internal monologue of the MC - When you read you feel as the monster itself... until MC slaps his mind to focus.

    It's great, read it. You won't be disappointed (except if you're searching for smut).

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    Status: chapter 50

    It's good. The premise seems simple at first, the protagonist is a trash mob in a dungeon, and each time he dies he 'respawns' as a new mob.  However, as the plot progresses, it becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems. Questions about the world and how it operates begin making their way into your head. It really feels like the author has put time and effort into creating a good story.

    The only gripe I've had with the novel so far is the slow burn. A few of the early chapters can feel a bit long, but after that, it begins to pick up. So even if you feel like it's progressing slowly, I'd recommend sticking with it for a little longer.

    The author has done a great job at creating a compelling story, and it's only on chapter 50 as of writing this review. I can't wait to see where the author will be taking the plot, and because of the daily release schedule, there's not much waiting to do. I just hope the author doesn't burn himself out by writing so much.

    Congratz on 50 chapters, Mr. Author. :)

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                Got up to around twenty six, and honestly, I don’t know how this is considered a slow burn, honestly, but even if it is damn is it good. Our protagonist is really, really mentally strong, though the memory problem could have something to do with that. Even in their desperate, lonely, and torturous situation, they manage to stay sane and keep to basic moral code, while also managing to keep their thoughts moderately fun and quirky on the surface most of the time.

               Also, the mystery of what in the divine-cosmic-f**k is going on is really, really intriguing. I hope things pay off and MC gets some much needed and deserved love. Also yeah, this protagonist has real personality, and the way what monster he is affects his thoughts each time is really satisfying to read.

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    Status: chapter 34

    Holy f**king sh*t. This is the greatest novel on the site. The author is doing an incredible job of making the main character act like the mob they are at the moment. While also having these moments where the MC’s personality shines through. 

    The slow burn hurts soooooo good. You feel each bit of progress as if you’re literally doing drugs. The tiny bits of progress and success are addictive.

    MC makes references and then questions how they know them. They refer to the monster they’re in as their “second self” it’s so good.

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    Status: chapter 282

    Update: I can safely say the slow burn tag is well deserved, but as things have continued to develop the story has only gotten to be more and more of a joy to read. It gets very psychological at times, and a lot of the lore and story has been tucked away between the thoughts of an ever more unreliable narrator or generally hidden in subtext and lines that seemed merely throwaways at first. 

    But, for me at least, this only adds to the charm, it reminds me of playing Dark Souls and the joy of slowly unravelling the secrets of the world and lore through item descriptions, environmental storytelling, and subtext. I won't go into more details due to spoilers, but 10/10 would recommend! Although, do be aware it's been getting darker and darker and does have mentions specifically of self-harm and child abuse, as well as violence and horror that does definitely go beyond PG13 at times.

    Original review from chapter 80:

    A super intriguing story with a lot more going on than meets the eye. A charming and entertaining main character/narrator helps to carry the story along and keep things interesting, while several mysteries and big questions about the world they find themselves in keep me addicted and coming back to find out more.

    The writing quality is super solid, it's delightfully succinct without being boring or repetitive. There isn't a lot of dialogue so far due to certain aspects of the plot, but the author does a great job characterizing the other characters through their actions and the lens of the MC's eyes.

    As far as other practical stuff, we've had daily uploads as long as I can remember and maintained great pacing without any filler. The author also does a great job maintaining tension in the story while avoiding the obnoxious cliffhanger chapter endings that plague many a serialized web novel - which I very much appreciate.

    Overall if you're looking for a generic video game/system/DnDesque protagonist leveling up and getting overpowered, this isn't it. But if you're interested in a much more interesting story about someone trapped in a strange realm filled with inexplicable conflict, with a focus on world-building and their character development, give it a try!

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    Status: c61

    Its slow to start but great to watch progress.

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    Status: chapter 54: rat

    A very well written story with a lot of intrigue and mystery. One of the best and most unique novels on this site. It is deep like the ocean, a fall into the dark, mysterious abyss. You never know what will happen, and the things that do happen are often strange and without any explanation until much later. 

    The main thing that stands out about this novel is it's strange, bizarre, if not paradoxical world where you quickly realize that things are not as they might seem and there is something deeper, more bizarre at play than you could even imagine. 

    The protagonist also stands out, as he/she is extremely mysterious just like the world around it and has a very interesting, perseverence driven personality, that I, the reviewer found quite enjoyable. 

    The story is driven forward by the enigmatic protagonist and progress is slowly made to get out, and while the protagonist may grow stronger in several ways over the course of this story and knowledge is gathered, things also get stranger and the questions grow louder the farther you go, just like the deep dark abyss.

    Here are some quotes I thought might fit well with this story: "Where is this place?" "What exactly happened here?" "How do you get out of here?" "What in the cosmic **** is going on in this place!?"

    But there is one flaw, or strength some might say that either elevates or brings down the story for some. 

    The ultra slow burn. It makes the progression satisfying in a deeper way, but rips apart your patience, and if you don't have enough patience you will definitely end up dropping it. 

    You should routinely read only a few chapters a day, so your patience does not run dry and to let the ultra slow burn's satisfying progress run it's course.

    I recommend to not binge read this or you run the risk of biting off more than you can chew. 

    You will only really know if you will like it when you have read a few chapters, as this novel is too unique and strange in concept for me to explicitly tell you that you will like it or not. So keep an open mind.

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    Status: chapter 173

    This is a great mystery/adventure novel. I love the questions this story raises like who exactly is the MC? Why are they trapped here? Is this all real or the MC just having a crazy mental breakdown? I especially like the small sections where everything's normal and sane again only for pure insanity to come after.

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    Status: completed

    I really liked this story and it's definitely a unique experience epically in the later half so if you want to read something probably not like anything you've read so far check this out. Also sorry if the review isn't great, I'm not a writer so I can't really say much about it in a professional author sense like the formatting or whatever but I can say with confidence that I felt nice while reading it and that's what you should take away from this review. That and also check out the first chapter if you're at least a little interested, it'll make you want to read this book more than I ever could

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    Status: c300

    Very interesting setting and world, and I found myself laughing out loud more than a few times. Very very heavy use of POV to show the mental state of characters which readers may or may not like/follow as the author themselves alludes to. 

    If it gets to be too grating on you, skip everything between bits of spoken quotes (especially after chapter 250ish).  However I do recommend reading to the end, though if you can't get through it (I almost dropped this series several times around here) skim/speedread to around ch289 and little to nothing of consequence will be missed.

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