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/ Series / Catgirl in the modern world?!
Catgirl in the modern world?!
Catgirl in the modern world?!
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I don't remember how it used to be, but maybe that was for the better? Just because I'm a little different doesn't make me a freak! Or?...
Don't mind the tragedy tag, I swear I'll pack this story with sweet cuddles and huggies too!
DISCLAIMER: don't want to read about the tragedy? just skip every x.5 chapter really, 9/10 times it's just gonna be more lore


Obviously cover art is from Waifulabs, I can't draw ;-;
Join my discord where I announce when I'm gonna drop a chapter:

ComedyGirls LoveMysterySci-fiSlice of LifeTragedy
Appearance Different from Actual Age Cute Protagonist Genetic Modifications Humanoid Protagonist Tragic Past
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      Status: chapter 11.5 | café del gato
      Nov 13, 2020

      A very interesting story, that has a lot of cute and cuddly moments! Lots of.5 chapters but they are used more to give more world-building (also short so you don't have to worry). Really great read if you like cute and cuddly moments. MC is slowly remembering her past (Only 1 moment so far). I can't wait till she goes to school and/or the cafe! Good updating stability and a great premise. The only tragedy is the beginning, but once you get passed that you get to a world of cuteness. Hope you enjoy this story as much as I do or even more! Also, there is a surprise with a cats **wink**, anyways now go read now!

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