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/ Series / Reincarnated into an Onmyōdō World
Reincarnated into an Onmyōdō World
Reincarnated into an Onmyōdō World
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[Celestial Guide: Ding, Subject 2 has been struck by the convenient Truck-San]

Ying Chun Hua, a sixteen-year old high school student got hit by the almighty truck-sama! Eh? Was this not a portal that will lead to those cheesy "I reincarnated into an Otome Game/Ecchi 18+ Game/Demon World Game?" that originated in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan?

Wah! I already miss my family and my normal life...

It's okay! Gotta stay positive. Those reincarnation novels has ways of getting back home, right? No? Then I'll just make one then!

Reincarnating into an Otome Game as a villainess should be easy! I will just befriend the protagonist and hang on her golden thigh like an accessory!

Reincarnating into an Ecchi 18+ Game should be weird and easy! If any pervert gets close, I'll just kick their family jewels until it breaks!

Reincarnating into a Demon World Game should be easy and lazy! Who cares if I cultivated? I'll just sleep, eat, and play as if I were a cat!

Wait, I didn't reincarnate to any of those?!
○| ̄|_

Wait, why is there a large floating creature staring at me?

Ying Chun Hua: ...

Large Floating Creature: Hey, can I eat your Ying and Yang?

Ying Chun Hua: Eat your entire family's Ying and Yang!

But a baby's voice of gibberish came out instead...
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

(Now Available in Wattpad for Offline Reading and better edits. I'll be editing this one as well soon)

Academy Age Progression Alternate World Astrologers Awkward Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Bloodlines Carefree Protagonist Child Protagonist Childish Protagonist Doting Older Siblings Elemental Magic Fantasy World Female Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Level System Magic Male Yandere Onmyouji Reincarnated into Another World Spirit Users Spirits Summoning Magic System Administrator World Hopping
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