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I Summon Ballistics
I Summon Ballistics
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4.3 (26 ratings)
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Elemental Magic vs Modern Fire-Power when four Earth mercenaries are isekaid to a medieval world and imprisoned by a cruel noble who wants them to fight his wars. However, these battle-hardened killers have the ability to SUMMON ANY WEAPON that they’ve ever used in combat: Heavy-Machine guns, grenades, swords, you name it. So strap in for the wild ride as the Mercs-from-Earth go full metal jacket against tyrant Dukes and elemental magic armies in JayDirex’s action packed isekai: I Summon Ballistics

Read if you like: #Girlsfrontline #Jorgumund #BlackLagoon #Tsunderes #Assassin_Girls #Rifle_Girls

I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad as well

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsMatureRomance
Aristocracy Assassins Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Empires Family Conflict Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Gunfighters Kingdoms Loyal Subordinates Murders Nobles Politics Reincarnated into Another World Romantic Subplot Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic Tomboyish Female Lead Transmigration Villainess Noble Girls Wars
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      Status: chapter 12- plans are for...
      Dec 15, 2020

      Story: 9.8/10
      Writing: 20/10
      Characters: 10/10

      There's nothing much I can say as this is one of my fav novels on this platform. (Oh wait, I didn't read any novel beside this novel)

      So basically, I highly recommend this novel!


      Where's chappy?! *Pointing knife* 



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