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/ Series / The Geomancer’s Journey
The Geomancer’s Journey
The Geomancer’s Journey
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This is the story of a budding geomancer by the name of Geovani and his struggle in the world he lives in.

The magic of this world is a gift from the gods, who walk amongst the mortals of the world. Those who use magic are people who are in tune with either the God or have a strong understanding of the element in question, and as such, magic gives status and power.

But humans are not the only ones with the gift of magic. Animals have it too, as well as other races, and the gods themselves are far from perfect, with some of them seeing the various sentient species as a scourge upon the world, and fill it with monsters meant to wipe them out.

Many magic users are forced into the military academies as soon as their magical talents are discovered if they live in a larger city, and trained for either combat or some form of industry depending on whether or not they have the right mindset for combat.

I hope you enjoy reading about my little world, and watching Geo make his way through it.

Battle Academy Calm Protagonist Confident Protagonist Dense Protagonist Elemental Magic Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Gods Harsh Training Honest Protagonist Magical Technology Spear Wielder Strength-based Social Hierarchy Sword And Magic Weak to Strong
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