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Revenant Sin
Revenant Sin
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Alison Ranquest was a survivor of the incursion, the event that ended the world as we knew it. Two dimensions clashed, one was Earth and the other Arcadia, a land of fantasy.

He was part tomb raider, part dungeon explorer and scavenger on the joint lands.

One day, he stumbled across a powerful relic, one that promised eternal life. But he was hunted down for it and was killed by the very leader of the team he was part of!

Vowing revenge, he came back to life. This is his story of vengeance

This is an entry for the Metus Contest, including all 3 themes
1. Halloween Aspect Theme - It's about a world with undead, zombies, liches, vampires, elves and succubi
2. Life Craft - The Protagonist is an obsessed tomb raider.
3. Organized Crime - Arguably, the many families and teams competing for tombs behave like mobsters

Cartoonized Cover made by me using from a picture of an sex doll

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ActionAdultAdventureGender BenderHorrorMysterySmutSupernatural
Metus Contest
Antihero Protagonist Dolls/Puppets Evil Protagonist
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      Status: chapter 25 – destruction of sin’s...
      Nov 13, 2020

      Nice mild smut story to pass time.

      with fantasy and gender bender elements makes it quite a kinky one.

      nice work. 

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