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The War Of Reclamation
The War Of Reclamation
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The sequel to "Emergence Of Spheres.

The gates have opened and the invasion of Sciolyn has begun. With the element of surprise, it won't take long for Zeke and his army to conquer the east with little to no resistance. The land of Sciolyn, a broken and divided land must learn to let go of hundred-year-old grudges and come together as a uniting force to defeat the invading elves.

Tycon, who now wields The Sword Of The Star-Rift continues on his journey with the woodland elf Sylaina in search of the six remaining gems. When a strange flash of blue light illuminates the horizon, they head northbound to investigate its source.

I will be posting this on Royal Road too
The cover image is a placeholder and I do not own it.

Average-looking Protagonist Dark Death Elves Female Protagonist Magic Male Protagonist Murders Strategic Battles Sword And Magic Wars
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