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What would you wish for if you have one?




Yet he wished for something different.

In his entire life, he was mocked, humiliated, and backstabbed. But not this time.

He’s was born a human, But they say his worse than the devil.

His personality is twisted as it can be. One moment he beheaded someone next his smiling with blood all over him.

Why I am telling you this?

What is this all about?

Hahaha, you’ve done well to listen to me up until this point.

Let me tell you a story of a boy named Reiki.

Like any other name, it’s plain and simple but to others this name was special. To some, he was their Lover, Enemy, and Savior.

This is not a story about him being a saint and helping the entire world achieve world peace nor a story about him being a devil killing everything in sight like you he was only human.

But you don’t want to hear the story like this no let me start over.

One day Reiki killed his best friend for selling him out and on this day he tried to commit suicide.

ActionAdventureEcchiFantasyHaremLitRPGMatureRomanceSchool Life
Adultery Adventurers Alchemy Angels Average-looking Protagonist Beasts Bloodlines Body Tempering Calm Protagonist Child Protagonist Crime Cruel Characters Elves Game Elements Goddesses Gods Hiding True Abilities Level System Male Protagonist Mature Protagonist Monster Girls Ruthless Protagonist Subtle Romance Twisted Personality Weak to Strong
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      it was a little good at first seeing MC is now path to getting stronger then it gets confusing one moment MC is getting praise and awed and the next moment MC is just trash meh without any reason charchters just flip what the heck every charchter have a biploar disorder or something.

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      5 Likes · Like

      The story concept is good but style is bad paragraphs are too damn long and it spells boring........

      The story is confusing at some part he is killing a monter that needs a group of members to kill (as said by the bystanders) and later same bystanders are saying he is a weak arse mage.  Somewhat at begining he is showing off his magic skills and is evaluated high and later they say he is weak author what the f**k....

      Also during the journey Princess evaluates him potential character to defy logic and later she is rude towards him like he is nothing but a sh*t......

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      Status: chapter 36: home

      I dropped this series because its too hard to read. Dialogues are rly confusing and all of them are written in the same line.

      My suggestion would be to write who said what, after the text.

      Instead of doing

      MC said. "text MC said". char2 said. "text char2 said".

      Formating it so its readable and with line breaks in-between speakers.

      "text MC said" MC said.

      "text char2 said" char2 said.

      The MC is overpowered and thats not a bad thing, but the fights are laughable and the MC is not using his skills. Like when he was fighting a mercernary and the dude cut off his legs and hands but the MC didn't even fight back. Keep in mind the MC has a short range blink and he never used it in this fight... 

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 02: lucky slots?

      I would read this story if it were not for the huge paragraphs. but both the first and already 160 chapters are filled with huge walls of text that are impossible to read. 

      Because of them, I can't even form a clearer opinion about the story. But what I have read so far suggests that the story is not outstanding, but you can read it.... Except I can't read it.

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