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/ Series / Ice Queen in Another World – Volume 1 [Completed]
Ice Queen in Another World – Volume 1 [Completed]
Ice Queen in Another World – Volume 1 [Completed]
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4.5 (124 ratings)
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After an encounter with an archangel, Claire Hill, or more aptly known as the 'Ice Queen' by the rest of her peers, is sent to another world.

With a personality that disregards the rest, a natural aura that pushes people away, and eyes that could stare a person to death, Michael wonders how this girl before him could ever hope to fit into her new world. Shaking his head slightly, he decides to enjoy watching her antics and adventure.

Thus begins the comedic, fantasy, action, slice of lifeish adventure of the Ice Queen now changed into a literal Ice Fairy with the ability to summon and control the power of...wait for! Could it have been anything other than ice? I mean, the title says it all, even the cover.

Welcome to a serious and not serious novel, where dissing Isekai and living Isekai go hand in hand. Where romance buds between two similar but not so similar girls. Yet, things still are not as they first appear.

*Completed volume.
*Volume 2 is out.

- - -

My Discord Server:

*The cover image is not owned by me, but merely used to make the cover for the novel. In fact, any image used in the story does not belong to me. The story, however, does belong to me.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveIsekaiMysteryRomanceSlice of Life
Adopted Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Elemental Magic Game Ranking System Goddesses Gods Heroes Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Overpowered Protagonist Power Couple Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Smart Couple Sword And Magic Transmigration Vampires
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    Status: [5] frozen island

    I'm so sad, this had such an interesting premise, but it's built on inconsistencies, contradictions, and obvious plot holes. I can only comment on content up to chapter 5 so I don't think anything I'm about to say deserves hiding in a spoiler tag, but I'll do it anyway just in case.

    1. Michael, first seat of the Archangels serving God, is introduced to us by impersonating and mocking God. I'm not religious but that seems beyond dumb. It seems more likely to be some sort of demon or devil tricking her, or perhaps some other deity lying and taking advantage of Christian mythos to manipulate a believer? Yet Claire doesn't seem suspicious at all and totally goes along with it.
    2. We know nothing about Claire yet, so her admitting defeat in their "battle of words" when "Michael" says "your God" feels like a massive oversimplification and cheat. She had so many more options to try and argue her way out of essentially being kidnapped and murdered by a creature who may not even be a real angel and could just be scamming her (see point 1).
    3. Why were her parents being entertained by God instead of Claire, the one who God is forcefully kidnapping to send to another world all of a sudden? Why did God not explain to her parents what was happening, as they seemed totally clueless? Why did Claire not explain what was happening to her parents? Sure, she's an "ice queen", but what little interaction we saw with her parents heavily implied they care for her a lot, so just saying "bye lol" is too exaggerated.
    4. Why did she not ask a single thing about the world she was going to, or what she was supposed to do there? Apparently God had chosen her for something and couldn't even wait to snatch her soul when she died, if we're to believe "Michael" that she didn't die and go to the afterlife. If she's going to agree anyway, surely she should at least know what she has just agreed to if she is to have any chance at completing her mission?
    5. "Michael", supposedly God's right-hand man and trusted to summon, convince, and transport Claire to the other world on God's behalf, did not try to explain the mission that God has given her.
    6. "Michael" specifically states that reincarnation involves being born as a new lifeform native to the other world while transmigration means being sent with her current body. She doesn't explicitly state her choice, so I can't know for sure which she chose, but I do know she appears in the other world with her current body and is even still wearing her school uniform... but she is also an Ice Fairy now, for some reason, with all the bells and whistles of being a native creature. Wut? Was "both" secretly an option?
    7. Her status, that she views almost immediately upon arriving in the other world, specifically states she is immune to the ice element. Her first injury? A shard of her own conjured ice cutting her cheek when an enemy smashes through the ice wall she made. Wut?
    8. A giant snake monster which is clearly attuned to water and ice fires a "laser" blast at Claire which is described by the author as an "icy" laser and Claire feels the cold closing in as it approaches her, yet, again, she is deathly afraid of this ice element attack she should be immune to, and in the comments the author stated it wasn't an ice attack but a normal laser. Why is a normal laser absorbing heat, instead of imparting heat? Why is a laser moving slow enough for Claire to feel leaking energy (cold radiation? it's magic) precede the attack? Why is the water and ice monster using an attack which is, in essence, a high-energy focused light beam instead of anything related to water or ice?
    9. I get that she's suddenly in over her head, but she's only just read her status about 5 minutes ago, and she has a skill that literally overwrites the world around her with a magical domain of ice inside which she is so OP the system itself describes her skills as "broken", and yet she doesn't use it against the giant snake shooting her with the cold-but-not-ice slower-than-light laser beams?


    tl;dr - don't waste your time if you enjoy anything that makes sense or prefer authors who can remember what they wrote 2 paragraphs ago ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

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    Sadly the logical inconsistencies bog down something that was somewhat promising. I suggest the tone of the novel doesn't drastically change every few chapters. Otherwise, not too bad.

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