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/ Series / His Obsession
His Obsession
His Obsession
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Becoming entangled in a hack is the easy part for Tyrell Wellick, once he is drawn in by his alluring CEO Christian Grey everything is on a collision course.

* * * * * *

Christian Grey is the CEO of a millionaire company for services in computer protection. His reputation goes far beyond the work desk and into the bedroom. Where he practices bondage to a high paid price. His cunning, demanding, possessive and controlling behavior landed Christian in a game of money he can't say no to.

Tyrell Wellick is a hacker. People rumored he is a sociopath and murderer. He is a mastermind behind the keyboard. Yet shows the world he is a perfect man. One day, from an anonymous source, he gets a job. To eliminate RED SERVICES company where Christian is his technical boss. Tyrell has to do his best to keep under the radar. The moment Christian asks for him in a meeting. Everything goes south.

Limits are tested.

Boundaries are questioned.

How far will Tyrell go to reach his goal?

Boys LoveFanfictionMaturePsychologicalRomance
Fifty Shades of Grey. Mr Robot.
Abusive Characters Confident Protagonist Conflicting Loyalties Contracts Jealousy Love Triangles Male Protagonist Manipulative Characters Manly Gay Couple Marriage Masochistic Characters Multiple Identities
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