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/ Series / Trapped in the inescapable land
Trapped in the inescapable land
Trapped in the inescapable land
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In an infinite empty dimension, a certain piece of land floats around. On that land, a modern-looking house is located.
Sora is a boy who has been living there for many years.
Free internet connection, infinite food, and anything necessary to live there forever.
But this isn't all that great... You can't communicate with any other people online. You will live there forever and you won't be able to age.
Trapped there as a 19 years old forever.
One day, as Sora was watching videos on his computer, a beautiful young girl appears in his room.
"How did you get here?!" ( Sora )
"I don't know!"
"So you won't tell huh?" ( Sora )
Not knowing what to do, Sora decides to rape the girl until she would tell him what he wanted to know!
Do not read if you don't like rape!!
•Early access of the chapters on my Patreon (+1 chapter ahead from any other reader!) There is no tier! The moment you become a Patreon, you will unlock all of the unreleased chapters!
•Updates every Friday!
•Disclaimer: I do not own the cover illustration.
Credit to the owner!

Average-looking Protagonist Calm Protagonist Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Forced Living Arrangements Living Alone Loli Modern Fantasy Modern Knowledge Modern Time Multiple Transported Individuals Paizuri Perverted Protagonist R-18 Rape Summoning Magic Threesome Transported into Another World
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