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/ Series / Valkyria Squadron
Valkyria Squadron
Valkyria Squadron
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3.7 (53 ratings)
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When Cesar saved the world in the war against the dragons, he never imagined that on his return he would now have to fight another war to close the loose ends and save his sister. This time it was the humans, the empire of the Balkans against the Alliance, they are in the middle of a war that is unleashed over Europe. But in the last mission to be able to retire from the army things go wrong and he ends up dying.

He then receives an offer, he will receive a second chance to live, but in return, he must protect the Codex, a stone capable of fulfilling wishes in exchange for a sacrifice. He accepts so that he can meet his family again. But what he didn't know is that he would end up in the body of an albin fox girl.

Although his goal is to live a quiet life, his past seems to be following them everywhere, in addition to a host of new enemies from the most scattered parts: the police, politics, secret organizations, a mega-corporation, Vatican hunters, and just about anyone unimaginable things crossed his path. In addition to having to discover who is trying to obtain the Codex and for what purpose.

But at the end of the day, it is a story about the family and how important it is for everyone to help each other to go ahead.

The publications of the chapters may vary a bit but I try to have at least one new chapter every 10 days.

If you like the novel you can leave your comments or review. They help me a lot for my self-esteem and my desire to continue writing. It also helps me to improve a lot.

I will also be posting this story on honey feed and royal road:

PD: English is not my first language so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may make.

PD2:Originally this would be a visual novel, So it may have a lot of dialogue between characters.

ActionFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveHaremRomanceSci-fiSlice of LifeSupernatural
Androids Angels Artificial Intelligence Assassins Body Swap Conspiracies Demi-Humans Dolls/Puppets Dragon Slayers Dragons Family Firearms God-human Relationship Half-human Protagonist Loli Military Modern Time Multiple Realms Past Plays a Big Role Police Politics Pragmatic Protagonist Secret Organizations Transgender Wars
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Table of Contents
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    Status: ch18: a talk that changes...

    The plot is confusing. The characters doesn't have something you can relate on or even visualize of... it was as if, they only exist and move just for the sake of the progression of the story. Another thing, our MC is kind of naive despite he or rather she, has walk through and been tempered by the war. Most of the veterans that I can think of, already discard their naivety after they had been send out of the battlefield. But our MC... acts as if he or she is a typical Japanese MC... which is disappointing

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    Status: ch10: quick learning the bad...

    What can I say the grammar is completely sh*t the points of view change randomly within the same sentence genders change randomly first person is used to narrate others actions from the MCs perspective if that's eve. Possible and from reading this it seems to be so other than that the plot is quite interesting and I'd say there's at least an outline around the story so the author at least knows where they're going with it essentially it reads like a crappy Mtl novel and you should wait to read it until it's been edited into understandable English yes my grammar is bud but that's cuz I'm not writing a story and so don't care

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    Status: c13

    This rating only apply up to c13

    Confusing to read but comprehensible to an extend. Really interesting setup.


    world at war that is alternative history our world. Gods and angels work in shadow like secret organization. Wish granting machine. Biomechanical weapon in shape of girl. MC who sold himself to god for his sister.

    So the protagonist become superweapon of the alliance. Get send to fight in middle of warzone with anti-escape measure. He need to escape and get his freedom if he want to reunited with his sister again.


    After end of that arc, I really hope to see more survival and gritty stuff. But author just has to smash my expectation to oblivion.

    Not only that I no longer have ability to understand plot. Few things that I can salvage are indicated that story moving toward more lighthearted and randomness.


    you got heaven of eastern god. It's basically Tokyo with spaceship and magic.


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