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Valkyria Squadron
Valkyria Squadron
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3.5 (21 ratings)
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After having received a second chance to live, our protagonist Cesar decides to reunite his family at any cost. But ended up turned into a fox girl.

Along the way he will realize that everything always gets more and more complicated: a surprise marriage, problems with the police, politics, plots between countries, secret organizations, hunters of the church, travels in the time, anything imaginable. But the most surprising of all is that it is not the first time that he is involved in such things, Cesar has already saved the world once so he is more than prepared for what comes, except for the evil that has stalked him almost all his life and that it will look for the slightest error to attack. But at the end of the day, it is a story about the family and how important it is for everyone to help each other to go ahead.

PS: English is not my first language so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may make.

PS2:Originally this would be a visual novel, So it may have a lot of dialogue between characters, but I decided to write it here to receive advice or points of view of this story.

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Androids Angels Artificial Intelligence Assassins Bloodlines Body Swap Conspiracies Crime Demi-Humans Demons Dragon Slayers Dragons Family Firearms Half-human Protagonist Legends Military Modern Time Multiple Realms Police Politics Pragmatic Protagonist Proactive Protagonist Transgender Wars
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      Status: c13
      Mar 16, 2021

      This rating only apply up to c13

      Confusing to read but comprehensible to an extend. Really interesting setup.


      world at war that is alternative history our world. Gods and angels work in shadow like secret organization. Wish granting machine. Biomechanical weapon in shape of girl. MC who sold himself to god for his sister.

      So the protagonist become superweapon of the alliance. Get send to fight in middle of warzone with anti-escape measure. He need to escape and get his freedom if he want to reunited with his sister again.


      After end of that arc, I really hope to see more survival and gritty stuff. But author just has to smash my expectation to oblivion.

      Not only that I no longer have ability to understand plot. Few things that I can salvage are indicated that story moving toward more lighthearted and randomness.


      you got heaven of eastern god. It's basically Tokyo with spaceship and magic.


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