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/ Series / Wangye, this concubine is busy!
Wangye, this concubine is busy!
Wangye, this concubine is busy!
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Not all women in the world desire to fight for the position of the main wife.
Just like Bai Yuxiao who is very happy to be a concubine since she does not need to care about other things. Since she can sleep well, eat well, and live well, compared to the swords and shadows that lurk in Jianghu, the fight for power in the inner courtyards is like house wine.
When she is free and at leisure, she can also tease these women and she can also regulate herself mentally and physically ~ ~
However, this can only be used to pass the time. She still has to take care of her own important business. Although being a constable may seem dangerous, it could bring great wealth if exploited properly.
Who would have known that her husband, the Wangye who had not entered her bedchamber for two years, would suddenly look for her every day and cultivate on her every night!
The Ling Wang, Si Liujing did not care how many women were in the inner courtyards of his royal mansion. No matter who he marries or accepts, it is just an exchange of interests and a combination of powers.
Bai Yuxiao is obviously a capable woman but she does not make the effort to progress and only wants to occupy the position of a concubine? Fortunately, he has a way to make her climb up and that is to dote on her every day and press her down every night.
Since she received his favor, she has to repay him. Anyway, the position of Wangfei is still vacant and he would never allow her not to fight for it!

DramaHaremMartial ArtsRomance
Ancient China Comedic Undertone Cunning Protagonist Power Struggle
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