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Quod Olim Erat
Quod Olim Erat
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The stars were home. Decades ago, Elcy was a battleship, until her recklessness brought her out of the front lines and to forced retirement in a human body. Now she lives a quiet life on a rural backwater planet, keeping the promise made to her last captain, until one day a letter takes her to the stars once more.

Cover by ssddx
Edited by Aziraphael and Floydien

AdventureSci-fiSlice of Life
Aliens Army Artificial Intelligence Conspiracies Female Protagonist Flashbacks Non-human Protagonist Non-linear Storytelling Outer Space Secret Organizations
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      Status: c17
      Apr 20, 2019

      I have read a few sci fi books and many more webnovels, but so far I can honestly say that if the chapters each weren't so short, maybe a few more pages long, this could be published, have an adaptation made, and maybe a prequel of Elcy during her battleship or caretaking years made.

      The story is very intriguing and though the concept is by no means new, it somehow seems a very original take on how an artificial being adapts to being human and dealing with the sense of loss that's so human yet somehow alien and artificial to us.

      The characters focuses on Elcy and how she deals with her new environment, being the one taken care of rather than being in charge, having to do things physically rather than with a few lines of codes, being unaware of her surroundings rather than practically omniscient, and most of all defense less rather than being jacked with weapon systems to the max. On the other hand, development for the side characters don't seem as quick and appear to be tools for Elcy to develop rather than being actual characters themselves, example being Alicia who appeared for a while, changed a little, and then disappeared while Elcy went through an entire phase of being alienated and lonely superior being to awkward girl in an awkward position in the same amount of time. Clearly there was some development but I would have preferred the sides to also get a little flavouring.

      All in all I would give a five purely for being an exceptionally enjoyable read but can be improved slightly.

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