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/ Series / Demon Queen Rebirth: I Reincarnated as a Living Armor?!
Demon Queen Rebirth: I Reincarnated as a Living Armor?!
Demon Queen Rebirth: I Reincarnated as a Living Armor?!
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Due to the mercilessness of a wicked God, the Demon Queen’s Soul is pierced in half, reincarnating twice in her third life! Unfortunately for her, one of her halves reincarnated as a Living Armor inside the depths of a labyrinth!

“Huh? Where is all of my body? I don’t even have eyes! Sigh... Fine, I'll deal with it”

Having to survive within the depths of the labyrinth as a Level 1 Living Armor, she shall destroy each challenge that dares come her way by relearning all the abilities, skills, and spells that she once held as the Demon Queen while merging them with the unique powers of an Undead!

But a dark shadow looms on the horizon, creeping slowly towards her future as she unravels the mysteries of the world and the gods that govern it.

And amidst the chaos of her third life, where could her other half had reincarnated?

Additional Tags: Kingdom Building, Double Protagonists, Action, Adventure, Monster Taming, Monster Pets, Monster Summoning, Necromancy, Monster Evolution, Magic, Wizards, RPG System, Dungeon, LitRPG, Weak to Strong, Romantic Subplot, Future Harem, Wuxia, Mature, Seinen, Xuanhuan, Comedy, Light Novel, Alchemy, Demons, Beastmen, Monster Girls, Evolution, Non-Human MC, Vampires, Ghosts, Undead, Slice of Life.

Cover Illustration is not mine, it's from Shadowverse.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSeinenSlice of LifeSupernatural
Beast Companions Beastkin Dead Protagonist Demi-Humans Demon Lord Evolution Female Protagonist Genderless Protagonist Half-human Protagonist Level System Loyal Subordinates Magic Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Monster Girls Monster Tamer Non-human Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster Reincarnated as an Object RPG Spirit Users Strong to Stronger Summoning Magic Weak to Strong
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      Status: ch34
      Dec 25, 2020

      Interesting read the grammar is a bit iffy sometimes but it is mostly good. This novel takes an different approach to the reincarnation trope which has two MCs and multiple reincarnations. The story is pretty good and the action scenes are cohesive.

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