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/ Series / I will try my best to remain a mob character
I will try my best to remain a mob character
I will try my best to remain a mob character
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A mob character with memories from her past life as a 30 year old Japanese otaku woman who died from overworking.

Brown hair, brown eyes. Nothing really outstanding about her appearance; the most "normal" and plain face you'd come across.

Currently trying with all her might to not get wrapped into any story plot.


Duke Roderic Wolfram's fiancee, the "average" female lead.

Straight ginger-red hair, plain features, nothing particularly pretty or ugly about her facial features.

Tina's first friend when she moved to Inich town. Middle-class commoner. Manages a small business were she sells finely crafted jewelleries to rich people (mostly nobles)


Mob character, a florist.

Brown hair, brown eyes. Thick bushy eyebrows, flat nose and freckles.

In Tina's friend squad, together with Janet and Ruby.


Working receptionist of the merchant guild, a "mob character with lines".

Blond hair tied in twin tails, ruby red eyes, short and flat-chested. A textbook tsundere loli character.

In Tina's friend squad together with Janet and Cecile.


A mind reader and shapeshifter.

Black hair, gold eyes. Likes wearing conspicuous clothes hiding his whole body only showing his eyes.


A stray pup with ginger-orange fur Tina feeds every morning.


Tina's neighbour, a dumb and oblivious heroine too innocent and nice to a fault.

Pink hair, blue eyes. Constantly attracting male leads, probably on a quest to build her own harem.


Poor Baron's daughter from a declining household. Several MLs in her fish pond.

Light blue hair, ocean blue eyes.

Transmigrated Heroine


Daughter of Duke Yttrea, a villainess with red hair and pointed crimson eyes.

Her step-brother and fiance are wrapped up in a baron daughter's harem.

Transmigrated Villainess


Issac Yttrea, step brother of the villainess Rosette Yttrea. One of the many fish in Juliet's fish pond.

Silvery pink hair, pink eyes

Duke Roderic Wolfram

Janet's fiancé, a brillaint ML who's only nice to his female lead and cold as ice to everyone else.

Dark blue hair and azure eyes

Duke Cannes

A masked ML whose face no one has seen. Isolates himself and rarely shows up to any events.

Gaudily bright yellow hair

Janet's friend and Tina's client, a strong female lead with capable swordsmanship. Currently stuck in an arranged marriage schemed by her grandfather.

Rose-pink hair, amethyst purple eyes

Inich town

The town where Tina's currently located and working. A prosperous and populous town located nearest to the duke's castle. 

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      New Montizuma59
      Status: chapter 32 – foreshadowing shaman
      Jan 23, 2021

      The story really is fun, though it is a little repetitive in the beginning. However, it starts picking up and the slice-of-life that the story looked like it would be is unraveling to have some sort of plot in it. This has me excitedly waiting for the next chapter.

      Ok, time for a little complaining. 

      While the MC seems to know their tropes, they seem to be blind to others for no reason. For example,


      How could she hear about rumors of a dragon with golden eyes, then meet a shapeshifting MC with golden eyes and not connect the dots? Jin even admitted that he is an ancient being, and a Beauty falling in love with a Beast is a common trope. I just don't see how she missed that. 

      Oh, and about the ginger dog and yellow bird. Even she admits that it's weird they hang around her, and yes, she is giving them the benefit of the doubt and treating them like normal animals. BUT, isn't being loved by animals one of the oldest FL tropes? Hell, even all the classic Disney princesses have this particular trope. So, while these animals may be normal, why isn't she worried that her being associated with them is giving her the traits of a FL, thus turning her into a FL

      Yeah... these are things that I just can't see how the MC cautions of.


      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      New Shaiyamine
      Status: chapter 30 – just f*cking talk...
      Jan 11, 2021

      You! Yes you. 

      Are you tired of the shoujo tropes? Are you annoyed by the mob characters that somehow get involved with the main story and get the male lead/female lead? 

      Then look no further and read this story! 

      My only small qualm about this are the potential MC characters who are close to our mob MC. 


      like the dog and the bird that follow her, also kinda ok with jin but part of me prefers him not to be there


      In any case compared to other novels where the mob MC directly gets into the main plot this novel is a lot better. 

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 19 – makeover transformations
      Dec 17, 2020

      I absolutely love how author explores the common cliches in this story. 

      The tropes are called out and it's hilarious because they're everything the readers want to say when we see these in shoujo mangas/novels. 

      The MC has a relatable personality and it's funny to read her inner monologues when she comments on obvious developments.

      Read More

      8 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 20 – hidden identities
      Dec 18, 2020

      Every chapter is hysterically funny. At times you'll feel like a detective sniffing out the oncoming cliches. 

      Would recommend. Easily 5/5

      Read More

      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 19 – makeover transformations
      Dec 18, 2020

      If you tired of cliche/troupes shoujo out there, then you will absolutely like this novel

      MC is smart as in being smart enough to avoid/dodge various attempt that will affect her mob's life

      The story flow so well and funny AF, I basically re-read this from the start again for every update

      For grammar I can't comment much but I believe it's good without any major mistake

      11/10 would choke this to my friends

      Read More

      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Dec 17, 2020

      Hilarious. Fun. Do give it a read.

      Read More

      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 23 – heroines get kidnapped every...
      Dec 24, 2020

      I had to chuckle multiple times in my binge read, give this gem a try !

      Read More

      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: extra chapter 2 – black dragon
      Dec 29, 2020

      I really like this story and how it goes over all the tropes with a more realistic view and character. I have had a great time reading this and if you see this review, you should give this fun novel a try ;)

      Read More

      4 Likes · Like Permalink
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