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/ Series / Life of Debauchery with Harem of Goddesses
Life of Debauchery with Harem of Goddesses
Life of Debauchery with Harem of Goddesses
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3.1 (42 ratings)
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What will you do if you got to know that you are a son of Primordial Sin of Lust and Primordial Deity of Love and ended up getting a massive harem of 12,000 goddesses?
Don't think. You are never going to be in that situation.


Meet Karan, who ended up in this same situation that you can only dream of.
Now follow his journey as he changes his below-average life to an extraordinary one and fulfills his twisted desires with the help of his harem and powers.

Discord -

Want to read chapter before everyone else? Love my work and want to support me? Then please check out my p@treon -

[email protected]/Indian_Rake

*Don't take this story too seriously. It's just a fun concept I want to write as a wish-fulfilling story with lots of trolling.

*Expects lots of sex scenes and face slapping.

Release Schedule -

WB/SH(8:00AM PST) - Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun
P@treon - Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun

Adventurers Arrogant Characters Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Carefree Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Charming Protagonist Confident Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Evil Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Harem-seeking Protagonist Imperial Harem Overpowered Protagonist Perverted Protagonist R-18 Ruthless Protagonist Selfish Protagonist Sexual Cultivation Technique Shameless Protagonist
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c0

    I'm just going to say that the MC is an absolute d*ck, maybe the one who killed him was right all along...

    Oh yeah Netori alert! Although I could tolerate a netori, what the MC did is just plain hateful.

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