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Dragon King’s Harem
Dragon King’s Harem
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He was a prostitute who had a simple dream. Living in peace, going to college and getting a good job like an average man of his age. But when he decided to leave his old life behind and pursue his dream, he was killed by demons.

He got a second chance as a dragon king in a different world. A world filled with monsters and strange tribes that he had never seen before. As the protector of that foreign world, he tried his best to regain his power before the other tribes realized it. Then, he discovered the secret of the Dragon King's power was he must build a harem ...

>Cover by commission Andra

Ability Steal Beastkin Dragons Kingdoms Magic Modern Knowledge Monster Girls Non-human Protagonist R-18 Tentacles Wars Weak to Strong
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      Status: c9. unexpected weapon
      Dec 19, 2020

      This is a fascinating story where a person from a world not unlike ours, albeit more fantastical, is transported to a fantasy world after being killed by a demon. The MC is given a second shot at life by the other world's guardian-protector; the dragon king. He is teleported into the dragon's body and given access to the dragon's memories. He learns that there are some "interesting" (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ways to gain power and so begins his journey to live his second life to the fullest, all while gaining the power to protect the world and that which belonged to the dragon whose body he took over. 

      This is a well-written, interesting fantasy world that so far has both plot and "plot" and is easy to read. I highly recommend it, and think at least as of the first ten chapters it's quite easy to read and can be breezed through swiftly, while also having a fun time along the way. 10/10 would recommend.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Apr 11, 2021

      I don't really know your schedule, but this story is very good so far. If possible to keep us drawn in you should try to produce more content, try your best and pump out chapters to 100, try a chapter every 3 days.

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