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Peerless Hegemon
Peerless Hegemon
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3.9 (16 ratings)
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Ye Feng lived two lives in one lifetime.

First, he basked in the light of Righteousness, becoming an idol of peace and justice.

Second, he trod the mired path of the Darkest Path, becoming an object of fear and death.

One lifetime, Two Identities, countless experiences, still without purpose.

A meaningless existence.

An empty husk.

In his selfishness of wanting to fill the void in him, he became the catalyst that destroyed Reality.

He now controlled everything, ultimate power, uncontestable by none.

But he cast it away, to be reborn anew.

With a new name and a family, his goal was to understand, his place.

To understand how to no longer feel empty. With his family consisting of a Reincarnated Twin Sister and Parents with inscrutable pasts, his desire was not that of grandeur.

In this lifetime, he wishes not to hold power, not to gain eternal life, nor control of everything, he only wishes to live, and hopefully look at sunrise with a smile on his face.
Disclaimer: The story focuses on the Main Character’s emotional and personality growth. He is someone who is, obviously OP in some perspectives but almost crippled in others. He is not soft and does not spare anyone because it is “Bad” so expect that there would be genocide and some bloody encounters.

I want this instead of just the MC’s search for life and its complication. Where Philosophy and values exist. A story where every action has proper consequences, and not everything can be conquered with a single punch (unless it can be, no need for an unnecessary complication if it can be avoided).

Further Notes: This is a story that will gradually increase in word counts and become Chunkier as it progresses and will almost never be below 2000 words, but if the word count will only lengthen the chapter at the expense of a finished tale, it could and would be cut off before 2000 mark), give it a try, it won’t disappoint (I hope). And if by chance that you like it, giving a good Rating and Review will be encouraging to me and possible readers.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

The art for the cover isn’t mine. The credits go to its original creator.

The art for the cover isn’t mine. The credits go to its original creator.

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyMartial ArtsPsychologicalRomanceTragedy
Army Building Artifact Crafting Caring Protagonist Character Growth Cultivation Cunning Protagonist Curious Protagonist Death Demons Empires Evil Gods Family Gods Heaven Heavenly Tribulation Kingdom Building Monsters Reincarnation Sect Development Strong Love Interests Weak to Strong
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      Status: 18. Taken for Granted

      Alright... I've been reading this book before its relaunch and I can say, without a shred of doubt. That it has improved by quite a lot. I break down in tears so much on this novel my friends think I'm depressed. The current arc is beautifully written and it's a shame that it isn't more well known to the scribblehub community.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: c26. king

      Simply a masterpiece in my eyes looking forward to more.

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      3 Likes · Like
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