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/ Series / System: World’s Collapse
System: World’s Collapse
System: World’s Collapse
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What would you do if you were on a business trip and suddenly you get a message in your head about something called a 'System'?

What would you do if Zombies suddenly appeared?

Well... this is a story about someone going through all of that and more... far far more.

Not sure how this story will go down but it's here, judge away at all my unoriginal ideas and bad writing.

Editor: DarkGodEM

Cover thanks to:
yunano @

My discord is up at:

Game Elements Genetic Modifications Hidden Abilities Level System Loli Male Protagonist Summoning Magic Sword And Magic World Travel Yandere Zombies
Table of Contents 11
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Table of Contents
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    Interesting story thus far, however, it seems as though there is a distinct lack of detail in anything that isn't combat. I can understand some notable details missing as a result of the chaotic and stressing nature of this event; however, many seemingly important things appear to be lacking. An example of a lack of detail can be found in the fact that the 'boss' from the original floor didn't seem at all distinct from any of the others that have been encountered, also there was no reasoning in why the main character set his guardian aside for the fight; was it to ensure that he could stand toe-to-toe with these things? To determine if experience is distributed between the two of them? A lack of space within the environment (I wouldn't know as such details are not too developed) ?

    All in all, the story appears promising, but is regrettably read as if it was a first draft set in place to structure the story around.

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    Status: chapter 3 – mutated…. zombie?

    I tried to give the novel a chance, but the action lacked purpose or direction. There was no sense of progress and it did not help that the MC had almost no inner monologue to compensate for the lack of dialogue. 

    The side characters had no personality of their own and are nothing but a walking trope. I do not know if this is fixed later on or not, because I've decided not to continue reading after CH3. 


    Bonus points for the nice cover and attempt at something original. Although poorly executed. 

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