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Level Up Hero!
Level Up Hero!
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In a world where the gods' gift a chosen few with great powers, Sam Shepard is among the weakest of the weak. His crappy healing ability can’t even cure minor injuries without having to drain Sam’s own life-force to do it. Hero society doesn't think he's useful, and after failing to heal those he was tasked to save, Sam couldn't help but agree. It’s why he quit. But it turns out that giving up the hero life isn’t easy, not when one’s caught in the machinations of the gods themselves. 

After Sam gets pulled into rescuing the hero, Thunder, he inherits a strange power from her; the training system that taught her how to become a top hero. It apparently holds the secret to leveling up one's power, a feat no one knew was possible. Not that it'll be easy to achieve...

A series of challenging missions and the occasional hero lesson from the system’s creator guarantee a lot of cuts and bruises in Sam's immediate future. But at least he finally gets the chance to go from zero to hero. Oh, yeah, there's also ghastly horrors and megalomaniac super-villains to contend with on Sam’s path to becoming the symbol of hope that humanity needs.

Release Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 AM or 10 AM PST. And sometimes on Saturday too. 

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Cover by @OKAZE_ARTS

Awkward Protagonist Character Growth Determined Protagonist Fantasy Creatures Former Hero Game Elements Gods Healers Heartwarming Heroes Honest Protagonist Slow Romance Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: true grit, part 2

    Most entertaining once you get past the opening bit. Looking foward to how far and deep this goes.

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    Status: blunt force trauma, part 1

    I'd recommend giving this one a try. Especially if you're a fan of Danmachi or Hero Acedemia. The grammar is excellent as is the sentence structure and descriptions. The plot is clearly going somewhere and at a good pace. The characters are also quite likeable.

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