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/ Series / A Cheap, OP Brawler
A Cheap, OP Brawler
A Cheap, OP Brawler
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4.0 (158 ratings)
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A young Japanese man with eyes that take him as a 'demon,' Jinma Kotori, is killed by his former shady company and gets a second chance to live in a new fantasy RPG-like world as a bodacious goddess' 'Champion.' He begins his new life with the world's default starter class, a Brawler, and a defense-based blessing. Much to the goddess' surprise, Jinma's stats were already high for a human before the blessing was granted, and his first encounter in the new world of Raiza is a high-leveled, Special Monster ...

A typical isekai harem story with video-game mechanics and OP MC with monster girls as his main focus of love interests. Adult language, scenes, and content involving sex and gore are to be expected. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Accelerated Growth Antihero Protagonist Character Growth Cheats Demons Discrimination Dragons Gods Gore Human-Nonhuman Relationship Interdimensional Travel Jobless Class Level System Male Protagonist Monster Girls Nudity Overpowered Protagonist Polygamy Protagonist Strong from the Start R-18 RPG Slaves Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic Transported into Another World
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c140

    I like the story so far, but I'm not going to lie... the author beats details to the death like none other. It's 140 chapters in and there had only been like maybe 8 days in the story so far... there is a lot of info reiterating and unneeded info through the story that gives it a dragging feeling... an example of this is when the MC finds out one of the characters betrayed him and it took like 6 chapters to go through the finding out and confronting of said character, keep in mind those chapters were all in the same morning of the story.... decent read, fun plot, but it gives the feeling like it's a book in the pre cut phase in an editorial office. 

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: c146

    This is an amazing story, but all of this stuff is happening in a few days. In my opinion, you should speed up the story a little, like a day per chapter so "us" the readers feel like the story is moving. I know that a lot has happened, but I feel that there is a lack of time. I don't know what time it is. I feel like I follow the storyline, maybe if the events happened over a few weeks to a month. A few days for the content displayed in the first 100 chapters seems like a lot. Although from the events it doesn't seem that there are enough events for even 2 weeks. I'm torn, please make the chapter and days line up, unless it's for big events like new girls, conquests, and the dungeon crawl that is about to happen.  In summary, focus on the details a little less and make the days go by faster.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 153

    Intriguing, great characters, mysterious past events, and a fleshed out world. This is a must read ? 

    Plus great s*x scenes and battle scenes? What more can I say. 5 stars!


    Far to slow. Probably edited to be boring and make you want to buy the patron.  Super slow advancement of any plot. 

    Let's all tak about feelings and take a entire year before anything significant happens. Sheesh. 3 star instead of 5. 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c181

    The story stays interesting and consistent. The author's writing skills are excellent as well. This is an easy and enjoyable read.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 102: secrets and messages

    I really like this story so far.

    Better language and writing than most stories. I like the characters so far. There's a good balance of slice of life stuff, action, s*x and interaction between the characters.

    The harem is growing and I only hope that this story doesn't regress as it grows more. It's usually hard to keep a good balanced story with a really large harem, I've yet so see somebody be able to go all the way with an interesting story and a large harem...

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    2 Likes · Like

    Awesome. Needs more s*x scenes!! And plz add Nyra later if MC can allow her to transform from tanto to pixie and pixie to tanto if he cant release her and bang her full.

    .... it was a blast reading this. I fkng enjoyed it. My only worry is that MC is getting waaaaaay to many skills titles and levels. so fast that it will likely break the novel unless something is done.

    Also train the girls and make them stronger pls

    Nothing is worse in a harem novel when the MC is OP and the girls are just background, accesories, etc for the MC. Have each girl get a purpose. Maybe get a skill where MC can transfer part his stats. Levels. And skillz to the girls so they can get stronger faster and you can keep the MC growth on check. In my opinion its a good exploit since MC can get about 7 times more exp and levels so fast that he can power level the girls

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    2 Likes · Like
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