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/ Series / The Lesbian Demon Lord Conquers the World!
The Lesbian Demon Lord Conquers the World!
The Lesbian Demon Lord Conquers the World!
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4.9 (87 ratings)
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When the magic knight Nyze traveled into the Demon Realm, it was to do battle against that greatest and most vile of enemies, the Demon Lord. But when the misogynistic Hero tried to sideline her, Nyze rebelled... and quickly discovered the Demon Lord isn't what she thought. Nyze began to question everything she believed, and found love in the arms of another girl.

Yes, the mighty Demon Lord successfully conquered her heart. Next step: conquering the entire world! The time has come for the most powerful disaster lesbian to visit disaster upon mankind!

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveRomance
Appearance Changes Beautiful Female Lead Demon Lord Demons Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers Evil Protagonist Fantasy World Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Male to Female Monster Girls Non-human Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Slow Romance Strong to Stronger Transgender
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