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/ Series / PokeSync (Pokemon Fanfiction)
PokeSync (Pokemon Fanfiction)
PokeSync (Pokemon Fanfiction)
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4.7 (104 ratings)
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Learn about Rhea and her journey through the Pokemon World.  You will meet many people and see how a realistic Pokemon experience might be.  Rhea may be the main protagonist of our story, but to fully understand this world, we will be diving into various other PoV along the way, but never straying too far from our main three girls!

ActionAdventureDramaFanfictionFantasyMaturePsychologicalSlice of LifeSupernatural
Adventurers Alternate World Animal Rearing Anti-social Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age Arrogant Characters Awkward Protagonist Based on a Video Game Based on an Anime Bloodlines Caring Protagonist Character Growth Charismatic Protagonist Doting Parents Grinding Human Weapon Interdimensional Travel Late Romance Legends Loneliness Monster Tamer Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Multiple Realms Organized Crime
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Table of Contents
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    Status: b1 — 69. my journey has only...

    I really wanted to like this.  The world building is really good, though it can get excessively wordy in some of the chapters.  The translation of turn based game mechanics into a more real world style battle system is really interesting.  In the end, though, I just don't like reading stories where the main character is constantly getting screwed over.  From the very beginning, while the story talks about her starting pokemon as if they're supposed to be a major advantage, in practice they're actually detrimental.  Events keep happening that cause problems for Rhea, and basically nothing actually good really happens for her.  Things that are presented as if they should be good events play out in the writing as negatives.


    Every major battle goes badly for her.  She gets seriously injured in her first one because her pokemon, who was basically handmade and given to her by her mother, is too aggressive to listen to her and has no filter to stop her from killing her trainer if the fight had gone any longer.  She teams up with another girl to fight an overlevelled Nidorino, but while she actually wins that one, it plays into that super agressive pokemon's big head and her thinking she can't lose.  She loses her gym battle because the master ball her mother uses means that her pokemon gets read as stronger than it really is in practice, and the pokemon still doesn't listen to Rhea.  Even some minor battles are super close, despite this supposed power.

    After the incident near the end of the first book, I was hoping she would at least get a win to get her going again since it was being written like she was finally going to start taking things more seriously, and both her partners got to have good, hard fought wins.  Then she gets bodied again by some nobody, another specially made pokemon getting taken out in basically one hit.  This while the whole story has been playing up her great natural skills and her awesome specially bred pokemon... but the nobody kids she met at the beginning who could barely handle bonding to basic weaker pokemon are having better battle results than she is since the Viridian City bit.


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    Status: Loving the story

    This is soooooo good, even as non-expert I can easily follow the detailed story with extremely in-depth world building. Super realistic while keeping the wholesome feel of 3 friends going on an pokemon adventure. 11/10

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    Status: c100


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    Status: b1 — 28. problems ahead

    I really like the story so far but I have a huge complaint that is nearly every chapter the writer goes off on a tangent about something that happened in the news or something that’s not related to anything that is currently happening and it can make it so that there is a random ten paragraph gap between two people talking to each other while in the middle of a conversation and entire halves of chapter can be filled with what seems like rambling. Other than that I really like the characters and the story, I just wish that there was less rambling.

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    Status: b1 — 27. gathering

    This is a good story, and an even better fanfiction.

    do beware the plot & character & intrigue dump at the start, and that the MC is not exactly doing so well for the first book.

    get past that and its the single most well thought out pokefic iv ever seen.

    did I mention its not an isekai?

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    So, something I've noticed is that a lot of authors equate 'realistic' with constantly getting screwed over by life.

    Which is absolutely incorrect, if you're going into this don't expect the protagonist to ever get a W in any way that actually matters then don't bother, they exist to get clowned on by the entire world, because apparently the realistic outcome to a pokemon adventure is to be painfully mediocre and overall a punching bag.

    Forget ever becoming a champion or getting their name out there, they can't even win against wild pokemon much less an actual gym leader.

    I will say I do like how it isn't another isekai at least, and I do like the slice of life interactions but that's all that appealed to me.

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    Status: B3

    All the fantastic things in this series that need to be said have already been said. 


    I wish the MC could do more and should do more 

    Instead of getting screwed and creamed over all the time. (Theme of this series pen)

    Despite her conditions and the cons of having a master ball and specially bred Pokemons, MC barely trains her Pokemons and is just relying on her specially bred Pokemons provided to her to win battles. MC must at least learn some tips or tricks or anything to help herself in battles from her relatives.

    MC was given and to be provided with powerful specially bred Pokémon with near-perfect or full EV and IV. That should provide a significant advantage in regular battles unless tournament or gym (because of adjustments). Yet, they are underwhelming and the same as an average Pokémon and still lose most of the matches (I know you can't win all battles). Hopefully, the MC will turn things around in future updates and be a competent trainer.


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    Status: b3 — 10. supernova

    This story is top class! Translating the games' rules into a 'real' world was masterfully done. This is a realistic world that still contains the original appeal of Pokémon. The character design is also very good, especially the fact that the already known characters are aged up and are raising a new generation.

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    Status: b2 — 43. expanding aura

    In my own personal opinion, Pokésync is what all fanfics should strive to be like. It simultaneously sticks to the source material but also manages to put its own unique spin on the series. It expands on the lore and world building and explores what the digital age would realistically look like in the Pokémon world, with all the pros and cons technology and the internet bring to the table.

    The sheer amount of references from even the most obscure parts of the Pokémon franchise almost borders on excessive fan service, it almost feels like it shouldn't work. But the way the world building is expertly tied together makes it all work somehow. It oozes passion and love for the franchise, and it doesn't feel overwhelming for someone who's only somewhat familiar with the franchise. Not only that, the wiki links that are generously provided throughout guarantee you won't be lost about who is who, or where is what.

    My main complaint comes from the part of the story where it feels like everything slowed down to focus on teenage drama and romance setups, which felt a bit forced, but in the end I think those growing pains served their purpose as fuel for character development for the main cast. I just hope the story doesn't slow to a crawl again and keeps a slow but steady pace.

    Speaking of the characters though, they're fantastic. All the main series characters fans have come to know and love throughout the years are treated with the prestige they deserve, while the original characters fit right in with their own personalities and motivations.

    One of my favorite parts of the story are definitely the battles though. They feel really well thought-out, and the strategies employed are very creative. It's a good mix of the battles from the anime and the games, and once again the links to moves and abilities are a great optional way of keeping up with what is happening.

    Personally, I'm really enjoying the current arc's focus on strengthening Rhea as a trainer, and I really want to see her take on more battles in future chapters. It feels about time for her to spread her wings a bit and take on more challenges, especially after she took a backseat from gym challenges.

    Really hope this series isn't abandoned midway through and I'm anxiously awaiting more chapters.

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    Status: Present and Future

    First time reading a review, so I'll keep this brief

    As a little bookworm gremlin I'm usually very patient with waiting for free chapters to come out so I can shamelessly get free entertainment.

    This fanfic made me get the highest level on the Author's Patreon only for this and I don't regret it.

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