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/ Series / Relife System: The Unholy Mage
Relife System: The Unholy Mage
Relife System: The Unholy Mage
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4.5 (83 ratings)
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The World's Number 1 Most Wanted Thief, the Black Cobra, an Egyptian youth specialized in ancient artifacts, was killed in an explosion he set up after being chased into a dead end in New York. Around his middle finger which he pointed at the face of every chaser from every world superpower, he carried the most prized item in the world, the Ring of Horus.
When he kicked off life with a Bang! He returned with a lot of barf and vomit as poison was being cleansed of his body and a series of messages kept popping up. Long story short, he reincarnated into the body of Leon, an antagonist from a game he used to play and supposedly one who should already be dead. However, the Hunt for his Life never ended and he became the most wanted after reincarnation overnight. And there is System and Magic and Harem and Overpowered Oversmart Overcharismatic Hero who believes in gender equality and human's right to stay silent when he stabs them… good stuff, turly!

(Author Note: The story tries to avoid the cliches and focuses on crime and politics. Not sure about titles with the same quality as this one but I take elements from the usual isekai and mash them with the Korean style characters and attention to details while avoiding the Chinese repetitive plots and the Japanese beta male leads. This is an Egyptian MC whom you have never seen any like before. He kisses babies and slaps bitches… or kisses bitches and slaps babies… depending on which day of the week it is. He's a mean guy and he knows kung fu. One time an author tried to write him in a novel, the novel almost absorbed the author and he went into a torturous isekai. What more can I say? Read it already!)
The novel is being published under the same title on Royal Road, Wattpad, Moonquill and Webnovel.

Anti-Magic Antihero Protagonist Assassins Cautious Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Crime Criminals Cunning Protagonist Domestic Affairs Fast Learner Game Ranking System Kingdom Building Level System Magical Technology Mythology Necromancer Organized Crime Protagonist Strong from the Start Royalty Secret Identity Secret Organizations Slow Romance Strong to Stronger Thieves
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      I would definitely recommend this novel due to how both new and familiar it is for many parts of the genre. I also like  how the main character is framed and how he is not some holier than thou character despite them taking actions that are more morally gray at best that a lot of novels fall into, it can best be said he is a bad person and it works for the story

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      I think the start of this novel is really great. The character was very consistent and even though the whole system thing kind of bothered me, I at least gave it a chance to develop.

      Well, a few chapters later and I can't help but be kinda disappointed. Firstly, minor *spoilers from here* the MC is written to be a bit evil. He takes pleasure in killing for his own benefit and is willing to betray everyone. I liked his character, especially because I could kinda see the trauma leading up to it. A few chapters later and the author decides to take the MC round and round in emotional circles, looking for answers that don't have questions preceding them. He is also contradictory. He is now written as a 'good guy' who is in that moral grey zone that was not presented in the beginning.

      The side characters, up until he joins the Mercenary guild are fascinating. You can tell there is a genuine reason why the MC would consider sticking around with them. Even his Aunt and all of them being in the background was fitting. After that though, I feel like the author tried to reintroduce the MC into their story, which wasn't convincing at all. *Spoiler* His Aunt, the dwarf, the elf and all of them are not good people. They ignored Leon so hard for his entire life and they just want to move on? Acting like whatever they do is in his best interests, yet it isn't. It seems more like virtue signalling, so there is no need to present them like they are looking out for the MC. In fact, no one is a good person. 

      The politics have too many paths to take that have not been explored enough for me to take interest in and it is pretty much the same for the story in general. I feel like the author tried too hard to not be 'cliche' by force-feeding his story more than it could chew. 

      I feel like the first part of the story, where it is focused on the MC escaping to find his own life could have been the biggest focus, but with the Prince's story and the Duke family plus his fiance and her Aunt, plus the Mafia Boss and we haven't even begun talking about the title 'Unholy Mage' and the flawed system that still hasn't been fixed, it feel like it's doing too much and failing at them all.

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      Status: c0

      i really like the configuration of the MC ;D, the story is really good too and the MC is a bad ass, wel the MC is real he make mystakes and feel bad for them 

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      good story and it is refresing to see a MC who is from egypt not the usual jap 

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