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/ Series / I Was Forced To Become A Slime Girl’s Play Thing!
I Was Forced To Become A Slime Girl’s Play Thing!
I Was Forced To Become A Slime Girl’s Play Thing!
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3.5 (28 ratings)
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When Kaito lands a party invite with one of the most beautiful and popular adventurers around he feels blessed beyond compare. What was supposed to be an ideal adventure quickly turned into his greatest nightmare.

Now, he must contend with a crazed monster who has made him into its twisted object of affection.
What type of monster you ask? A slime!? Kaito must do everything his power to appease his temperamental captor while plotting his escape.

How will he escape? Or better yet -- will he want to?

***This is the first 7 chapters of Slime Girl's Plaything, an original light novel which you can find at Ren's Den ( ) or on Amazon KDP . ***

Adventurers Bullying Confinement Corruption Exhibitionism Forced into a Relationship Forced Living Arrangements Magic Magic Beasts Monster Girls Reverse Rape Slave Harem Slave Protagonist Threesome Underestimated Protagonist Yandere
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