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I am system
I am system
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Jack, upon returning home from a short day of stress free work, had his front door explode on him, causing him to die on the spot.
Waking up, he finds himself in a white space where he spends uncountable years driven to the edge of madness before reaching enlightenment.
However, his consciousness is fought over by some indefinitely strong beings, resulting in him being thrown into the void to be torn to shreds by his own velocity.
However, an even stronger being finds him and rebuilds him before placing him in a new world, as a System?

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsMystery
Clever Protagonist Gods Reincarnation Sword And Magic System Administrator
  1. Meeting commences?Feb 8, 2021
  2. Efficiency improvementFeb 8, 2021
  3. NixFeb 8, 2021
  4. Limit breakerFeb 8, 2021
  5. The CapitalFeb 8, 2021
  6. Half a monthFeb 8, 2021
  7. Traitor Markus and Direct MissionFeb 8, 2021
  8. Reporting and SpellsFeb 8, 2021
  9. Massacre and TraitorFeb 8, 2021
  10. Unwanted VisitFeb 8, 2021
  11. Main Storyline QuestJan 28, 2021
  12. Princes and HeronJan 28, 2021
  13. Legendary EquipmentJan 28, 2021
  14. StrongerJan 28, 2021
  15. EscapeJan 28, 2021
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      Status: c24
      Jan 21, 2021

      Don't read with the mindset that 'enlightened' comes into play - the MC, Jack, has a normal personality with no particular genius or deep insight like one might expect from an enlightened buddha or enlightenment thinker.

      And let yourself forgive the author for a lot, because this novel is rough.  Lots of spelling and grammar mistakes, and inconsistencies with the system: the exchange rate between exp and CP starts at 10:1 and later is 100:1, first Jack promises he'll take 25% of exp and later it's revealed he's taking 50%, etc.

      That all said this is an interesting framework for development, it lets the MC be a guide and trainer, while growing himself as well.  It's got potential and I like the cast so far.

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