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/ Series / Beloved God [BL]
Beloved God [BL]
Beloved God [BL]
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4.4 (38 ratings)
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The "Farin" are those that bring the sacrifice.
The "Alvarr" are those that take it.
Deep into the mountain carriers walk, blindfolded, carrying fruits and meat.
For a "Farin", seeing their Gods would be blasphemy. Don't make a sound, don't look, don't react. Set down the sacrifice and leave.
When the young "Farin" is attacked by a wild animal during the process, his blindfold loosens - and he stares right into an "Alvarr's" golden eyes. Little did he know that the so-called gods didn't care about their regular visitors and weird fruit, and especially not about being seen.
Curious about the human's reaction, Alvarr sticks around.
And, well, since there is no use crying over spilled milk, Farin just decides to enjoy the mysterious being's company.
Between not even sharing a language and vastly different customs, two people end up getting along much better than expected.

Boys LoveComedyFantasyHistorical
Animal Characteristics Calm Protagonist Comedic Undertone Cute Story Different Social Status Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Human-Nonhuman Relationship Language Barrier Secret Relationship
Table of Contents 33
  1. Extra #4: SomedayJun 12, 2019
  2. Extra #3: Two furballsJun 12, 2019
  3. Extra #2: The in-lawsJun 11, 2019
  4. Extra #1: Alec and LoriJun 9, 2019
  5. EpilogueJun 9, 2019
  6. The future is…Jun 7, 2019
  7. RagnaJun 5, 2019
  8. The peaceful days in betweenJun 3, 2019
  9. The commoner group plus oneJun 1, 2019
  10. Alec’s determinationMay 29, 2019
  11. WaitMay 27, 2019
  12. The only solutionMay 23, 2019
  13. No choiceMay 20, 2019
  14. Hundreds of years ago…May 17, 2019
  15. The master returnsMay 15, 2019
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      Status: extra #4: someday

      It's a very short and sweet story. I didn't expect the world building and the character development to be so good in such a short story. It's amazing. 

      Their lives are so interesting and the races depicted are so cute. OwO If anything, my only dismay is due to the short length and oh, the absence of smut (my vulgar self likes the deets). But the fluffiness makes up for it entirely. I was constantly squealing about the cuteness of the cast every few seconds I was reading. Thanks for sharing this super sweet story with us! ??

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: completed

      Characters likable and smart

      World development great with lots of good descriptions 

      Plot is smooth and conflict of interest was resolved logically and gives you some suspense but mostly just fluff.

      If there is one negative it is that I want more ? It sort of has an open ending and I just wanted to read how the MC and ML be together till they die ? I guess I have been spoiled by episodic system novels where they show how they are till death (time skip or not it gives me the feels)

      Overall good read and made me satisfied ☺️

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: completed

      A warm story filled with charming characters, idyllic moments of fluff, and sprinkles of fanasty and myths. 

      This story is soft, and honestly filled with cinnamon rolls. Though there are a few moments of tension, it is for the most part filled with cuteness and warmth. 

      Give it a try if you haven't, it's absolutely adorable.

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