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/ Series / The Vow Of A Broken Heart
The Vow Of A Broken Heart
The Vow Of A Broken Heart
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4.7 (39 ratings)
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Daiyu, a senior martial sister of TianHua sect, deeply in love with her junior brother Guiren, has always put him before herself. After suffering heartbreak from him due to a massive misunderstanding schemed by two outsiders, Daiyu realizes his heart was not with her. Feeling discarded, she decides to leave the world in hopes of leaving behind her affections.

With her head facing toward the moon as she dies, she vows.

"This life will end my affection for you. You'll be free. However, I only wish I never, never see you again. I never want to fall in love with you again.

Never again.


After her death, Guiren uncovers the truth and realizes his fault. Frantically trying to make up his mistake, he kills himself out of regret and ends up back in time to when the two were children.

Delighted for a second chance, he's crushed with the realization that Daiyu has also been reincarnated. Not only that, she doesn't seem to love or hate him.

More precisely, she no longer has a heart.

*This novel will be based on schemes, emotions, and angst. Exploring the ways words could play with emotions.

**Stole cover page but edited it myself.

DramaFantasyHistoricalJoseiMartial ArtsMatureMysteryPsychologicalRomance
Age Progression Cold Protagonist Misunderstandings Reincarnation Slow Romance
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      Status: i will love you to...
      Apr 17, 2019

      First chapter I cried. Then when I was about to click the next chapter it wasn't there.... cliffhanger.

      It's the kind of story where you'll just unconsciously press for the next button to only feel so frustrated that it isn't there. The story's still in the early chapters but I'm already giving it a rating 'cauz I feel like it deserves it. So pls more chapters if possible hahaz.

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: not a word
      Mar 8, 2020

      It's still early but I need to review this. I have never been so emotionally invested in a story this early before. This is the kind of story where you forget your surroundings and what time it is and just keep reading. To anyone that just found this and is not sure about starting it, I recommend giving this a try, it starts off sad and you may cry but you just cant stop reading and wanting to know what happens next. Author you doing a good job and I hope you don't drop this like may other novels on this site and others!

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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