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/ Series / Am I the Player? Living in Terraria as the only existence
Am I the Player? Living in Terraria as the only existence
Am I the Player? Living in Terraria as the only existence
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4.5 (44 ratings)
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Aeron was your average guy, he was going to college this year but found himself trapped in his house because of a certain pandemic. Bored to death he decided to play Terraria once again as it was being finally updated.

One day like any other he decided to go outside to buy some snacks, however on his way back he found himself dead after being run over by a truck.
While waiting for his soul to be judged he "accidentally" falls to the void, a place where nothing is allowed to exist and his soul starts to be destroyed and erased. When his soul was close to disappearing, he is saved by the goddess of order that sends him to Terraria world and gives him the power of a Player and some bonuses.
However, The god of chaos that saw all this, decided to make things a bit harder, he changed aeron's course to an alternative version of Terraria world,
A world called: "For the worthy".

¿Will he survive in this absolutely horrific world where everything can kill you in almost one hit?

Probably not.

[English isn't my first language, but i'll try to make things readable]
[As you may know i don't own terraria]
[The cover was made by ME]
[I'll try not to drop this as I'm doing it because I have nothing else to do, and i saw that no one makes Terraria Fanfictions]
[You know what? Don't trust me because i'm very lazy and i could drop this at any moment]
[I'll try not to]
[That's all]
[PD: The world MC is sent is a bit different to the normal Terraria, as it will have humans, kingdoms, and all that.]
[Also check "The subtle World Of Terraria" on wattpad, it's pretty good, not like mine will probably be].
[Now i'm out boxes].

ActionAdventureComedyFanfictionFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsMature
Alchemy Apocalypse Army Based on a Video Game Carefree Protagonist Crafting Dungeons Evil Religions Fantasy World Firearms Game Elements Magic Male Protagonist Reincarnated into a Game World RPG Summoning Magic Survival Weak to Strong
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      New Haruuuuu
      Status: ch.39
      Feb 26, 2021

      Character|Development - 5 |Main character`s matured instead of being stuck in the same childish mindset

      Story Development - 5 | Not too fast, not too quick.

      Grammar - 5 | No problems at all.

      World Background - 5 | - (Can`t think of anything)

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 21: going back to balroc...
      Jan 14, 2021

      I'm kind of new to reviewing stories, but I will try my best...

      This book is a book which your life needs, especially if you're a fan of Terraria or a humanist.  It hands the MC a lot of power through already gained cheat skills and possibly future cheat skills, but the monsters are so OP that to even stand a chance he has to train hard, and there's something satisfying about that.

      And chapters come out really fast, which helps keep you interested and hooked to the story.

      Read More

      6 Likes · Like Permalink
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