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/ Series / Ice Queen in Another World – Volume 2
Ice Queen in Another World – Volume 2
Ice Queen in Another World – Volume 2
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The game's set. The players' known. And another addition comes in the form of the once-forgotten Deadly Sins.

We continue the adventures of Claire and Alicia, partners in an isekai, seeking to stick a middle finger to Gods and Heroes as they navigate tropes.

Yet, it may take more than just being overpowered to flip a game board on its head in a world where their enemies are broken as well, and more than three gods may meddle.

Who is the Hero Killer?

Who is the Sword Saint?

And what's an isekai without some twists and turns? For a game without errors, bugs, or loopholes does not exist.

[Assimilation: 25%]

"Become my Guardian and seek out the others. Take from them that which you lack. Then win this game of ours."

She stared in the face of that declaration and made her voice known, "What a lyrical mass of bull. I'll take what I must but I promise no more. I'll win this game as I see fit."

Oh, what an Ice Queen.

*Arc 1 completed on Wattpad; advanced chapters on it, as well.
*A previous volume exists.

My Discord Server:
*The cover image is not owned by me, but merely used to make the cover for the novel. In fact, any image used in the story does not belong to me. The story, however, does belong to me.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveIsekaiMysteryRomanceSlice of Life
Adopted Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Elemental Magic Game Ranking System Goddesses Gods Heroes Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Overpowered Protagonist Power Couple Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Smart Couple Sword And Magic Transmigration Vampires
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    Status: reading

    Good book I'm just writing this for the fact I'm first to write a review on this book also have a cookie ?

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