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Infinite Christmas!
Infinite Christmas!
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"Congratulations Host! You are now bound to System #1225 aka Finding the Right Guy Before Christmas System!"

The shocked Luca, who find himself seeing a floating gingerbread man with candy cane hooked into the a fist sized snow flake: "..." Oh. This thing smells so good– No! That's not the point! What 'right guy'!? F*ck, I'm a man! D*mn*t

And so, the system appeared and wrecked havock Luca's ordinary life.

With its sweet, delicious scent, the gingerbread man and its candy cane walked round and round with Luca at the center, pestering and demanding him to do missions and tasks.


While going home all the way from work–

Sweet delicious smell lingers in the air going right under Luca's nose. With a sound of bells playing "Jingle Bells" twice. The gingerbread man issued a mission with a tasks.

Mission #1 : Within 20 seconds a handsome guy will came out of the cake shop while holding onto his newly brought cake.

Task 1: Destroy the newly brought cake.

Task 2: Compensate the handsome guy with your body.

Luca: "..." (─.─||)ignore it...


While doing his routine jog in the morning at the park–

"Jingle Bells" rings again.

Mission #2: A handsome guy is sitting on the bench at 3 o'clock. He was currently resting with his dog.

Task 1: Free the dog

Task 2: Help the handsome guy at catching the dog.

Task 3 : Compensate the handsome guy with your body.

Luca, who continue to jog as if he heard nothing, but can't stopped himself from looking towards the handsome guy at the bench : "..." =_= That man looks familiar...

The smug system with its delicious smell wave it's candy cane excitedly: "Of course his familiar. His the handsome guy from last night! His handsome right!"

Gritting his teeth, Luca choose to ignore the system again.


While buying things from the supermarket–

The "Jingle Bell" sounds strikes again.

Mission #3: 5 steps to the left, there's a handsome guy having a hard time picking what brand of soy sauce to buy.

Task 1: Help the handsome guy with his picking.

Task 2: Accompany the handsome guy around the supermarket.

Task 3: At the counter, pretend you don't have your wallet and let the handsome guy pay for your things.

Task 4: Compensate the handsome guy with your body.

Luca: "...your tasks seems to be multiplying..."

System: "Awesome, right!"

Luca, who unhesitatingly turned to the right: "...oh."


After ignoring myriads missions and tasks day by day. Christmas unknowingly arrived.

Curious, Luca asked the system: "hey, what will happen if I don't find the right *cough* and get *cough* together *cough* before Christmas?"

The system stopped for a thought then said dejectedly: "Then, let's just try again next time."

Luca: "...oh. That's great." ^_^ Then, let's see each other next year.

Little did he know, this 'next time' doesn't need to wait for another year at all!


The shocked Luca, who find himself seeing a floating gingerbread man with candy cane hooked into the a fist sized snow flake: "..." F*ck! This scene looks familiar!!

Familiar "Jingle Bells" tune sounded twice!

"Congratulations Host! Once again, this system is system #1225 aka Finding the Right Guy Before Christmas System! Since Host failed to find his Right Guy before Christmas and wasn't able to celebrate Christmas with your right guy. The system will now initiates 'Infinite Chrismast'."

The frozen stiff Luca: "..."

"So, host. Let's took our time and find your right guy before Christmas!"

Handsome Guy: "That's right, baby. Take your time. I will always be here, waiting until you admit that I am the right guy for you."


Btw, cover pic ain't mine. They should belong to respective owners.

Boys LoveFantasy
System Administrator Time Loop
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