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/ Series / A Galactic Admiral in a medieval planet
A Galactic Admiral in a medieval planet
A Galactic Admiral in a medieval planet
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Admiral Arthur Kleist, Was on his way to a Myrophix-controlled planet with his fleet, until an unknown problem was discovered on their hyperspace navigation. They were heading straight towards an unknown Space warp with unknown locations or coordinates on where it could possible open. He ordered all his Subordinates to evacuate and leaving him in the process. A few hours later, he woke up to see a different solar system that was still unknown, he was also accompanied by two other dreadnoughts to the unknown solar system. What will Happen to the Galaxy's Greatest Admiral?
Hey! I'm just new in writing and this story had been crossing over my mind for quite sometime now. Don't expect a lot from this, I am still a newbie. But i would appreciate if you guys find any problems within my writing I'll gladly correct it.

I also can't promise that i can upload daily as i only write in my free time.

Along with my English, English is not my first language, so do expect a few misspelling and wrong grammar.

Androids Army Artificial Intelligence Calm Protagonist Cheats Cold Protagonist Demi-Humans Empires Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Kingdom Building Magic Magical Technology Male Protagonist Medieval Military Politics Ruthless Protagonist Strategist Sword And Magic Wars World Invasion
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      Status: c10
      Dec 24, 2020

      I'm hyped, I like the story so far, the pacing is great, I find no problem with it, really looking forward to it

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