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/ Series / Kidnapped to Another World
Kidnapped to Another World
Kidnapped to Another World
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3.8 (46 ratings)
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Lies. Deception. Betrayal. Dungeons, and Magic.

An underdog slowly becomes an overpowered crushing force for good but stumbles along the way before figuring out what and who he is. This is an underdog taking the lead from behind through hard knocks survival story.

The students of a certain school find themselves sucked into a new dangerous world. They’ll have to adapt quickly. This world has no mercy and won’t wait for them to grow up. Surprise number two; there are no newbie areas to transition from. This is a hell world and humans are prey here and at the bottom of the food chain.

Shun and his classmates have been summoned it seems, as hero candidates. No wait, but that’s a lie too. The job, isn’t to defeat any demon king…it’s just to keep the human cities from falling to monster attacks and survive as individuals.

This is a world full of powerful monsters. The monsters rule everything outside the few walled human towns left. Those with power live, while those without it become the servants. We’re now stuck in a new world. Things are different here. Magic is what keeps humanity alive and monsters outside the wall. But not everyone can use magic, and infighting between them is common.

There are other problems too. Magic seems seductive … and it has a cost…and there are those that prey on those with magic as well. Something on this world also pulls people towards the dark side easily.

Is this a dream? What’s real?

But this isn’t Earth. Things are different here.

We’re trapped here! There’s no way to get back!

This is a survival hard mode story!

*** Author note; This is a slow build story. It had over 3 million views on another site before it was taken down. The main character starts slow and doesn't start taking off as being strong until about Chapter 60 or 70+. The main character does get strong so don't worry that I take my time getting there. Its a slow build thing.***

Dungeons Dystopia Harem-seeking Protagonist Magic Male Protagonist Monsters RPG Survival Transported into Another World
  1. Chapter 1275 hours ago
  2. Chapter 126Feb 23, 2021
  3. Chapter 125Feb 20, 2021
  4. Chapter 124Feb 18, 2021
  5. Chapter 123Feb 15, 2021
  6. Chapter 122Feb 11, 2021
  7. Chapter 121Feb 8, 2021
  8. Chapter 120Feb 4, 2021
  9. Chapter 119Feb 2, 2021
  10. Chapter 118Feb 2, 2021
  11. Chapter 117Jan 31, 2021
  12. Chapter 116Jan 29, 2021
  13. Chapter 115Jan 29, 2021
  14. Chapter 114Jan 24, 2021
  15. Chapter 113Jan 24, 2021
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      New Eugenio
      Status: chapter 128
      Feb 18, 2021

      In the complex, it's a really good novel and for the plot, grammar and style it would probably deserves 4 starts. 

      BUT there are some things that REALLY piss me off and pushed me on the brink of dropping and give a review of 1 star. I actually read the last chapters today after a quite long pause, so I don't remember all the annoying things, but there is one that I could never forget. The DAMN MORONIC PROTAGONIST THAT THINK ONLY OF s*x, how the hell his mind work? I am in a world where everyday I risk of dying (especially the first 50 chapters) and what I want to do? I want to have s*x s*x s*x. There is this misteriouos and powerful girl that doesn't trust me AT ALL but is reluctantly willing to teach me how to fight what should do? OF COURSE think of the hows to f**kher! It's really stupid and annoying. Oh and in the last 15-30? Chapters the author start to uses, for some lines, bold type or he writes with a black ink without a reason for phrases that don't need to be enlightened. 

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c11
      Jan 7, 2021

      Well, I can't say that I've read too far into the book, but it's still a fair review.

      There are a few very notable and annoying problems with the book so far.

      - The "kids" are +-18 years old and their intelligence is questionable to the point of ridiculousness.

      - The atmosphere is implied to be "LIFE OR DEATH, ORCS ARE ATTACKING" but the characters seem to be chatting like nothing is really going on, even literally talking when they're fighting in real-time as people die around them.

      - Within a realistic estimate of walking through the school.. 10 minutes? People have already started becoming rapists and naturally, the MC's disabled sister is first on the menu - Not to mention, after an "Earthquake" there isn't any ambient screaming and people running out of the building implied, but rather people sitting on the 2nd and 3rd floor in their classrooms doing nothing? Not very immersive.

      - Well yeah, the people in the novel act way too far out of character for their situation to be anywhere near immersive. "OOO NECROMANCER? DAMN, IT'S SO OP WHY DON'T I HAVE SUCH LUCK?"  "OH NO, I GOT A BAD CLASS" --- These guys have absolutely no idea of what the f**k is going on and have just fought to survive a literal slaughter-fest with improvised weapons, and the first thing they think about is that the few people who gain magical classes are lucky/unlucky? Shouldn't they instead be wondering what a class even is in the first place, or how they change you? Not to mention what the f**k is going on.

      Edit c20
      This is railing way too fast, roughly 80k words, 1 day has passed and I don't even know where to begin.
      For some reason, 1 day was all it took for delusional 18-year-olds to go back to tribal levels of intelligence and decide who would be "KING" rather than a "leader". They somehow created 3 factions amongst themselves and everyone but the MC supposedly knows everything like a game everyone is in on for no reason. 

      Logic is ridiculous - "Hey, I just imprisoned/killed the other person with my "skill", so you guys should let me be king. Also, I want the MC's dying sister served on a silver platter to me as a bride" - I mean what is this? Literally, 1 day has passed in the story, and the author thinks it's time for the morons to decide upon a king and build a city? While all this is happening the MC has just been sleeping and having 5 minutes' worth of conversation with his own little party.

      How is this even a recommended series? It's f**king abysmal in every sense of the word. 

      Finally, there is grammar and conversations - There's no logic to them. It looks like someone whose main language is definitely not English translated a 3rd rate JP novel. "My skill does heal" > "Oh so that's how works!" ???? 

      Ending words: This is a novel available as a Kindle E-book on Amazon.... How? It's not a translation yet the quality of writing is this awful? And it's marketed? I need to take a break.

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      11 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 45 part b
      Dec 20, 2020

      Well this story is really well written I must say the twist and turns were unexpected but the story did went a bit stale in between somewhere around 24ish or something but things immediately picked up there is horny stuff but no r-18 yet and its done smoothly well done

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c79
      Jan 25, 2021

      Dropped, was enjoyable to read destpite the plot holes, but from about c65 MC gains about double his mana, yet can cast about 7-10 times previous limit without reaching same problems.

      In addition at about c40 everyone got a class according to the author, yet his party mostly just have nothing.

      A few other holes that just I cant continue, but I overall enjoy what the writer did - the premise was great, execution  less so. Hope you enjoy writing, as you have great imagination for writing

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 104
      Dec 24, 2020

      Long chapters... good story...I love it and you might too!

      This is a very detailed world that has an ancient conection with Earth and its history. The author goes into great detail about this world and there is lots of twist and turns.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Jan 3, 2021

      Nicely written, writer seems to have a road map for the story that I very much like in a novel

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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